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The Best 14x14x1 Air Filters Guide

I had no clue how important air filters were when I got my first AC system. Some ten years later, I think that taking the time to research the best 14x14x1 air filters was an excellent decision that saved me hundreds of dollars in utility bills.

Air pollutants aren’t only a health hazard as they can impact the performance of your HVAC system, furnace, or AC system. Besides keeping the air in your home clean, HVAC air filters prevent dust and mold accumulation on vital parts of cooling and heating systems.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best 14x14x1 air filters and help you decide which model is the right choice for you.

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Bottom Line Up Front

If you’re like me and you’re allergic to dust mites and pollen spores, you should get a 14x14x1 air filter with MERV 11 or higher rating.

I recommend choosing Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living Air Filters or Nordic Pure Air Filters if you want to eliminate close to 100% of allergenic particles from your home.

MERV 8 models like Aerostar Pleated Air Filter and Filterbuy Pleated Air Filters are suitable for most homeowners that don’t have special requirements.

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My Top Picks at a Glance

Model  MERV rating Filter media  Price range 
Nordic Pure Air Filters 12 Electrostatically charged synthetic pleated media $$
Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living Air Filters 13 Electrostatically charged media $$
Filterbuy Pleated Air Filters 8 Synthetic $
Aerostar Pleated Air Filter 13 Pleated synthetic $$
Crisp Filters Air Filters 8 Electrostatically charged synthetic pleated media $
Simply Filters by MervFilters Air Filters 8 Synthetic $
Filtrete Clean Living Dust Reduction Air Filters 7 Electrostatically charged media $$$
Aerostar Pleated Air Filter 8 Pleated synthetic $$
Flanders PrecisionAire NaturalAire Pleated Air Filter 8 Pleated synthetic $

Types of 14x14x1 Air Filters

Learning to differentiate between different air filter types can take some time since most 14x14x1 models look similar and have nearly identical properties. The key difference between these air filters is the media they use to trap particles.

So, depending on the filter media, you can choose from the following types of 14x14x1 air filters:

  • Pleated – The pleated design enlarges the media’s surface and increases the filter’s ability to trap tiny and large particles. Some pleated models can have an electrostatic field that enables them to capture particles smaller than a micron. Most pleated air filters are disposable.
  • Electrostatically charged: These air filters usually have woven polypropylene fiber media capable of generating a strong electrostatic field. You can choose between washable and disposal models. 
  • Fiberglass – I don’t know anyone who’s had a good experience with fiberglass air filters. They’re not durable, and their capacity to trap particles is limited.However, they’re cheaper than other air filter types, so they’re worth considering if you’re on a budget.

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Air Filter Sizes

I realized quickly after I started using cooling and heating systems that you don’t choose a filter size. So, the only thing you can do is make sure that the replacement filter matches the size of your cooling or heating system’s vent register.

Accomplishing this task doesn’t take much effort since, in most cases, you have to inspect the air filter you’d like to replace to find the dimension specs. Optionally, you can measure the vent register if the information isn’t included on the old filter.

The vital thing to note here is that measuring the vent register will provide you with the actual dimensions of the filter you need. So, if the vent size is 13.81×13.81×0.78, you’re looking for a 14x14x1 air filter.

Top tip: Air filter fitment issues are common. Buying a single filter rather than a pack of six or twelve filters can help you avoid overspending on a filter that isn’t compatible with your cooling or heating system. 

The actual sizes of air filters are usually between ½-inch and ¼-inch smaller than the nominal size featured on the model’s packaging.

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Understanding Air Filter Ratings

You’re likely to encounter different filter ratings during your search for the replacement air filter you can use with your furnace, AC, or HVAC system.

My advice is to look for the model’s MERV rating because it’s developed by ASHARE, while other common ratings are created by either air filter manufacturers or retailers. Here are some of the key characteristics of air filter ratings:

  • MERV: This rating shows you the model’s worst performance while filtering microscopic or macroscopic particles on a scale from 1 to 20.

So, air filters with ratings below eight can’t trap viruses, bacteria, or allergens, and you’ll need a model with MERV 11 or higher rating if you want to eliminate these particles.

  • MPR – You’ll only find this rating on Filtrete air filters produced by the 3M brand. The rating indicates how efficient a filter is at capturing particles smaller than a micron.
  • FPR – The Filter Performance Rating isn’t much different from MERV. The only significant difference is that filters are rated on a scale from one to ten. Also, FPR is only included on products sold at The Home Depot.

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Essential Features of Air Filters

The air filter’s performance depends on several factors. The quality of filter media determines its ability to retain particles it gets in touch with while maintaining a steady airflow and keeping the pressure drop at a minimum.

Air filters can have cardboard, plastic, or metal frames. These materials behave differently in hot and humid conditions. Consequently, a model with a cardboard frame might warp if it is frequently exposed to high amounts of moisture or temperatures above 180F.

Models with sturdy frames are also less prone to filter media sagging because they have a backing that keeps the media in place.

It’s also worth noting that air filters with high MERV ratings can obstruct the unit’s airflow. I suggest consulting an HVAC technician before upgrading to an air filter with MERV 13 or higher rating.

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Durability and Upkeep Requirements

The maximum lifespan of a disposable air filter is three months. In my experience, changing a 14x14x1 air filter every two months ensures that my AC functions normally and helps me keep the air in my home clean at all times.

I recommend changing air filters often during the cooling and heating seasons. A simple visual inspection of the filter can give you a pretty good idea of when is the right moment to install a replacement.

Top tip: Failing to change a dirty air filter lowers the cooling or heating system’s performance and increases its power consumption. Hence, replacing air filters regularly can lower your monthly utility bills. 

Washable air filters are easy to clean, but they don’t dry quickly, and you have to plan their maintenance in advance. Using an air filter while it is still wet can damage it, which is why you need to ensure the filter is completely dry before you switch on your AC or furnace.

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Selection Criteria

Deciding which 14x14x1 air filters to include in this article took me a while because there are so many models that deserve to be at least mentioned in the conversation about the best 14x14x1 air filters.

I had to use a variety of criteria that enabled me to shortlist the best models suitable for homeowners with different air filtering needs. Here are some of the key criteria I utilized to choose the best 14x14x1 air filters.

  • Brand’s reliability – I eliminated all models produced by unknown brands from the selection process, and the final selection includes air filters made by well-established air filter manufacturers.
  • MERV rating – I utilized this parameter to pinpoint 14x14x1 air filters with MERV ratings between 7 and 13 so that you can choose the option that best fits your requirements.

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Top 9 14x14x1 air filters

Nordic Pure Air Filters

Nordic Pure 14x14x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters 6 Pack

Dealing with dust, allergenic particles, or air pollution will become much easier if you opt for the Nordic Pure Air Filters. This MERV 12 model has electrostatically charged synthetic filter media that traps more than 95% of particles that go through it regardless of how big or small they are.

The filter’s actual size is ¼-inch smaller than the nominal size, and I recommend checking if this model is compatible with your HVAC system. The sturdy cardboard frame made from recycled beverage paper isn’t prone to warping in humid conditions.


  • Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial settings
  • It helps alleviate allergy symptoms
  • The air filter is produced by a renowned brand
  • A sturdy frame prevents media sagging


  • Pet owners have to replace these filters monthly

Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living Air Filters

Filtrete 14x14x1

I think that you can hardly go wrong if you choose any of the 3M’s products and the Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living Air Filters is one of the best 14x14x1 air filters this brand has to offer.

The high MERV rating indicates that the pleated electrostatically charged synthetic media traps everything from dust to viruses and candle soot. Consequently, these disposable air filters don’t last long, and you’ll have to change them often during the cooling and heating season.


  • Asthma and allergy-friendly
  • A straightforward installation process
  • The frame and filter media are resistant to moisture and heat


  • These air filters are expensive

Filterbuy Pleated Air Filters

Filterbuy 14x14x1 Air Filter MERV 8

The Filterbuy Pleated Air Filters provide a perfect balance between performance and affordability. This model will meet the needs of most homeowners, but you can’t rely on it to filter out smog, allergenic particles, or viruses.

Its pleated filter media is electrostatically charged, and it can remove up to 90% of pollen, mold, lint, and dust mites from the air that passes through it. The beverage board frame has a dual backing that prevents warping even when the air filter is exposed to temperatures close to 200F.


  • Eco-friendly design
  • Large filter media surface
  • It offers excellent value for the money
  • This air filter doesn’t obstruct the unit’s airflow


  • It can’t eliminate odors

Aerostar Pleated Air Filter

Aerostar 14x14x1 MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter

Besides keeping the air in your home clean, the Aerostar Pleated Air Filter also keeps the unit’s coils and motor safe from air impurities. The pleated synthetic electrostatic media captures cigarette smoke, bacteria, and other microscopic particles, and it creates close to zero airflow resistance.

The Aerostar’s model has a cardboard frame with wire backing that can withstand moderate exposure to humidity. The air filter’s maximum lifespan is 90 days, but changing it monthly is advisable if you’re using your HVAC system often.


  • It improves the quality of air it filters
  • It’s great for homes with pets
  • A reasonable price
  • Suitable for ACs, furnaces, and HVAC systems


  • The air filter gets dirty quickly

Crisp Filters Air Filters

Crisp Filters, 14x14x1 Air Filter

You can choose from fifteen size options of Crisp Filters Air Filters if the 14x14x1 model isn’t compatible with your HVAC system. The MERV 8 rating suggests that the air filter is fairly efficient at trapping dust or pollen but can’t deal with tiny allergenic particles.

This Crisp Filters model has electrostatically charged synthetic media, but despite this, it struggles to retain particles smaller than a micron. That’s why I recommend choosing this air filter if you’re not prone to strong allergic reactions or live in a region with low air pollution.


  • A single air filter costs less than $6
  • A sturdy frame
  • These filters can last up to three months


  • This filter might affect the unit’s airflow

Simply Filters by MervFilters Air Filters

Simply by MervFilters 14x14x1 Air Filter

The performance capacities of Simply Filters by MervFilters Air Filters are not impressive, but you can still rely on this model to remove dust, pollen, and lint with high efficiency. Its pleated filter media has a large surface that retains most particles larger than a micron that pass through it.

However, this air filter can’t help you deal with microscopic particles that can trigger an allergic reaction, and you should consider a model with a higher MERV rating if you suffer from allergies.


  • These air filters are compatible with most cooling and heating systems
  • The beverage board frame is moisture-resistant
  • Pleated filter media has a metal support
  • These filters don’t restrict airflow


  • It’s not suitable for commercial or industrial contexts

Filtrete Clean Living Dust Reduction Air Filters

Filtrete 14x14x1

A model like the Filtrete Clean Living Dust Reduction Air Filters can easily remove home dust, pollen, lint, mold spores, or dust mite debris from the air in your home. Its electrostatically charged media isn’t powerful enough to trap pet dander or microscopic particles.

This air filter is only a good option for homeowners that don’t have pets, struggle with allergies or live in an area with high levels of 2.5PM particles. Even so, the 3M model outperforms air filters with similar features produced by other brands.


  • The frame doesn’t warp easily
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s more effective than non-electrostatic air filters


  • It can’t capture allergenic particles

Aerostar Pleated Air Filter

Aerostar 14x14x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter

You should consider getting the Aerostar Pleated Air Filter if you’re looking for a standard model that can remove the most common air pollutants like dust or pollen. This affordable air filter has a large synthetic electrostatic filter media surface due to its pleated design.

The filter’s actual dimensions are ¼-inch shorter than the nominal size, so you may not be able to fit it on all cooling and heating systems compatible with 14x14x1 air filters.


  • An affordable option for homeowners that don’t have high air filtering requirements
  • Large filter media surface
  • Low airflow resistance
  • A single six-pack of Aerostar Pleated Air Filters is sufficient for an entire cooling season


  • These air filters don’t perform well in humid conditions

Flanders PrecisionAire NaturalAire Pleated Air Filters

Flanders PrecisionAire

Like all models with MERV 8 rating, the Flanders PrecisionAire NaturalAire Pleated Air Filters can maintain the unit’s efficiency while removing common air pollutants. These inexpensive air filters can help you reduce the amount of dust in your household, but their efficiency decreases with usage.

I don’t recommend using a Flanders PrecisionAire filter for more than a month during the heating and cooling seasons, as they might put additional strain on your unit once they get dirty.


  • These filters have a moisture-resistant clay-coated frame
  • A budget-friendly option compatible with most ACs and furnaces
  • Flanders air filters reduce the need for dusting and vacuuming


  • Short lifespan

Frequently Asked Questions about 14x14x1 Air Filters

Question: Are 14x14x1 air filters difficult to install?

Answer: All air filters, including 14x14x1 models, are easy to install as they have arrows indicating the filter’s correct position.

Question: What to do if a 14x14x1 air filter gets warped?

Answer: You must replace a warped air filter because it can lower the unit’s effectiveness.

Question: How to dispose of a used 14x14x1 air filter properly?

Answer: You should place an old air filter into a plastic garbage bag and put it into an outdoor bin.

My verdict: Deciding which 14x14x1 Air Filter Is the Best

I don’t think picking an air filter for a furnace, AC, or HVAC system is easy because there are so many options. However, I believe that opting for the least expensive model can negatively impact your health and your cooling or heating unit.

That’s why I recommend spending a little extra on models like Nordic Pure Air Filters or Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living Air Filters that will absorb even the tiniest air pollutants.

Air filters with high MERV ratings can restrict the airflow in some cooling and heating systems, so you should consider options like Aerostar Pleated Air Filter and Filterbuy Pleated Air Filters if you want to ensure that the air filter won’t affect the unit’s airflow.

Please browse through our guide to the best washable furnace filters for more information about reusable air filters.

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