Senville Mini Split Review

Senville Mini Split Review and Guide: Is It Worth Buying?

The scope of available mini-split models can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So, in this Senville mini-split review, we’re going to look at all the reasons why models manufactured by this brand are so highly praised by homeowners and HVAC professionals.

The brand manufactures dozens of mini-split models with different sets of features and output capacities. In this Senville Mini Split Review, we’ll examine the features of Senville’s Sena 30HF-D1212 model that lets you divide your home into two cooling and heating zones.

We’ll also provide you with several alternative options that might be better suited for your home. Read our guide to the best Lowes mini-splits to explore models manufactured by competing brands.

Senville Sena-30HF-D1212 | Amazon

Comes with multiple indoor air handlers for individual rooms and a single outdoor unit. Enjoy individual temperature controls in each room for ideal climate control.

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Key Specifications of the Senville Sena-30HF-D1212

Senville produces mini-split systems with cooling and heating outputs that vary from 9,000 to 48,000 BTUs. Brand’s models can have up to five indoor air handlers so that you can choose the unit that’s suitable for the size of the space you want to cool or heat.

Here’s the overview of the Senville Sena-30HF-D1212’s essential characteristics that can help you decide quickly if this model is the right choice for you.

Cooling and heating capacity28,000 BTU
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating 23 SEER
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor10.3 HSPF
Operating temperature range122F to -22F
Fan speeds 3 fan speeds
Number of zones Dual-zone
Latest priceCheck the latest price here

Core Features of the Senville Sena-30HF-D1212

Senville Sena-30HF-D1212

The preparation for the mini-split selection process begins long before you start considering different models. The first thing you need to do is calculate the area your new cooling and heating system should cover.

In addition, you should try to find suitable locations for the system’s outdoor and indoor units so that you can know how far apart these two components are going to be.

Acquiring this information will make it easier to choose Senville’s model that meets the requirements of the space you want to heat or cool. So, you can opt for a single-zone model or a 5-zone unit depending on the size and layout of the space where you want to regulate room temperature.

Hence, the Sena-30HF-D1212 is just one among countless options you’ll have at your disposal if you decide you want to get a Senville mini-split system. Go through our guide to the best garage mini-splits if you’re looking for a way to regulate room temperature in this part of your home.

Coverage Area

The Sena-30HF-D1212 has a maximum output of 28,000 BTUs, and it is powerful enough to heat or cool spaces than have up to 1,900sq/ft. This dual-zone system lets you divide the unit’s output and control the temperature in different parts of your home separately.

The manufacturer lets you choose between three indoor air handler

options, as you can opt for two 12,000 BTU indoor units, an 18,000 BTU and 12,000 BTU indoor units or 9,000 BTU and 18,000 BTU air handlers.

Hence, you can decide how big each zone will be by choosing indoor components of different sizes. Each indoor air handler arrives with its own remote, but you can also use the mini-split’s WiFi functionality to adjust its settings through an app on your smartphone.

You shouldn’t install the mini-split’s indoor components in rooms that are too small or too large for their coverage range because you might end up increasing the power consumption of the entire system.

Explore our guide to the best 24,000 BTU mini-splits if you need a cooling and heating system for spaces smaller than 1,500sq/ft.

Properties of the Compressor

Senville Sena-30HF-D1212

The durability of the cabinet or the properties of the unit’s condenser coil is among the features you need to pay attention to while selecting a mini-split system for your home.

Sena-30HF-D1212’s compressor is powered by a DC motor that utilizes the inverter technology to regulate the unit’s power consumption.

Hence, its motor doesn’t switch off once the system reaches the desired room temperature, which lowers the amount of electricity the unit needs to maintain the temperature at the same level.

The compressor is charged with enough R-410A refrigerant to install the indoor and outdoor components 25-feet apart from each other.

In addition, you can get 16-feet, 35-feet, or 50-feet installation kits for this mini-split, but you must make sure that the compressor has enough refrigerant for the system to run normally. Read our guide to the best 12,000 BTU mini-splits if you’re searching for a 1-ton mini-split unit.

Cooling And Heating Efficiency

The seasonal cooling and heating ratings are only an indicator of the mini-split’s energy efficiency, and you shouldn’t treat them as absolute values. This Senville’s model has a 23 SEER rating and the 12.5 EER rating, suggesting that it won’t consume vast amounts of energy during the cooling season.

Its above-average 10.3 HSPF and 3.9 COP ratings show that the unit remains energy efficient during the heating season. Sena-30HF-D1212 can operate at temperatures as low as -22F, but its functionality decreases to 75% at subzero temperatures.

This Senville’s model is Energy Star certified, and it can lower your annual cooling and heating costs up to 40%.

Still, the regional climate, layout of the rooms, or the insulation of the space can affect its energy efficiency because the unit may have to work harder to regulate the room temperature if you use it in extremely cold or hot conditions.

Browse through our guide to 36,000 BTU mini-splits to learn more about what these cooling and heating systems have to offer.

Airflow Control Options

The maximum airflow output the Sena-30HF-D1212 can offer is 418 CFM, and its fan can operate at three speeds in cooling or heating mode. Ultimately, the airflow volume you’ll be able to get depends on the indoor air handlers you choose.

All versions of air handlers are equipped with the vertical swing function, and they allow you to switch between multiple louver positions to direct the air to different parts of a room.

The unit’s remote is equipped with the Follow Me function that detects the room temperature at its current position and helps the system maintain an even temperature throughout its coverage area.

Read our guide to the best ventless air conditioners to explore cooling solutions for spaces where installing a mini-split isn’t possible.

Noise Levels

Mini-splits are considerably quieter than heat pumps, but their outdoor components can still be loud enough to disturb your neighbors. That’s why it is so important to find a model that doesn’t generate a lot of noise while it is working.

The Sena-30HF-D1212 is an incredibly quiet mini-split since the minimum amount of noise its handler can make is just 24dB. In addition, the indoor unit makes just 43dB of noise while operating at the maximum capacity.

Even though it is slightly louder than the system’s indoor air handlers, the outdoor compressor makes just 59dB. That’s why this Senville’s model is a great option for homeowners in need of powerful AC that isn’t going to disturb their neighbors.

Our guide to the best 18,000 BTU mini-splits can help you find a model you can install in your bedroom without having to worry about the amount of noise they’re going to make.

Air Filtration And Dehumidification Features

Even though the Sena-30HF-D1212 has a built-in dehumidification function, the manufacturer doesn’t provide any information regarding the amount of moisture the unit can remove from the air in one hour.

Senville Sena-30HF-D1212

Despite this, this mini-split can help you regulate the air humidity levels in your home. The unit features a silver ion air filter with anti-microbial properties and can remove most allergenic particles from your home.

This Senville model also has the Fan Only mode that ventilates the air and reduces the unit’s power consumption. Check out our guide to ventilation systems if you need more information about how these systems work.

Installation Requirements

Like all mini-splits, the Sena-30HF-D1212 requires professional installation. This Senville model comes with an installation kit, so you don’t have to search for compatible line sets or other accessories you might need to install the unit.

As we already mentioned, you need to decide how far the indoor air handlers will be from the outdoor compressor to know how long the line sets should be. You should also keep in mind that the outdoor unit weighs almost 150lbs, and you have to provide sufficient support for it.

The installation costs for dual-zone mini-splits can extend over $2,000, so contacting several HVAC contractors might help you find the most affordable solution.

Cost And Warranty

You will get a 7-year warranty for the mini-split’s compressor and a 3-year warranty for all other parts of the system; you decide to purchase this Senville’s model.

However, this is a limited warranty, and it doesn’t cover the replacement costs if the part failure occurred as a consequence of inadequate installation. The Sena-30HF-D1212 costs almost $2,500, which makes it more expensive than most dual-zone mini-splits on the market.

You will receive this product three to five weeks after you purchase it if you decide to purchase through the manufacturer’s website. Browse through our guide to the best Home Depot mini-splits if this Senville model doesn’t fit your budget.

The Pros of the Senville Mini-splits

Multiple Indoor Air Handler Option

You can choose from three different indoor air handler configurations and decide which option is best suited for the rooms where the units will be installed. You can opt for air handlers with equal outputs or opt to create smaller and bigger cooling and heating zones depending on your needs.

High Energy Efficiency Ratings

Senville’s model doesn’t consume a vast amount of energy during cooling and heating seasons. The unit is Energy Star certified, which guarantees that your monthly utility bills aren’t going to increase significantly even if you use it extensively.

Excellent Air filtration Capabilities

The Sena-30HF-D1212 is equipped with a silver ion filter that removes allergenic particles from the air. That’s why this mini-split could be an excellent option for people who suffer from strong allergic reactions to dust, mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

Different Line Set Lengths Are Available.

You don’t necessarily have to get a 25-foot long line set if you want the indoor air handlers to be closer to the outdoor compressor since the manufacturer lets you choose a 16-foot long line set. In addition, you can get a 50-foot line set if you want to increase the distance between the system’s components.

Low Noise Levels

This mini-split is unlikely to disturb you or your neighbors because its outdoor component makes just 59dB of noise, while the indoor air handlers generate between 24db and 43dB of noise depending on the usage.

The Cons of the Senville Mini-splits

Complicated And Expensive Installation Process

You’ll have to spend a substantial amount of money to have this mini-split installed in your home. Even though the unit arrives with an installation kit, the DIY installation isn’t recommended because a slight mistake might result in part failure.

Not an Ideal Solution For Small Spaces

With the coverage range of 1,900sq/ft, the Senville’s mini-split is far from being a good fit for small offices or apartments despite the fact that you can divide its output into zones.

You should search for a more affordable option if you need a way to regulate room temperature in spaces smaller than 1,500sq/ft.

The Best Alternatives to Senville mini-splits

The Senville brand manufactures a wide range of mini-splits, so you don’t have to opt for the Sena-30HF-D1212 if it’s too powerful for the space you want to heat and cool or too expensive for your budget.

You can opt for one of the company’s 9,000 BTU models if you need a mini-split for a room smaller than 400sq/ft or a multi-zone 48,000 BTU unit if the space where you want to regulate the room temperature is larger than 3,000sq/ft.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best alternatives to Senville’s mini-splits manufactured by competing brands, so let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Gree Multi18CVIR200

The powerful set of features the Gree Multi18CVIR200 offers makes it a great option for residential and commercial contexts. The maximum output capacity of this dual-zone mini-split is 18,000 BTUs distributed between a pair of 9,000 BTU indoor air handlers.

The unit’s outdoor compressor utilizes the G10 inverter technology, which is a part of the reason why its SEER and HSPF ratings are so high. You can use the system’s heating function at temperatures higher than -4F, although not at full capacity.

The mini-splits indoor air handlers can generate up to 56dB of noise, and they might be too loud for bedrooms or kid’s rooms.

Gree Multi18CVIR200 | Amazon

G10 inverter technology saves energy, reduces outdoor noise and keeps room temperature steady by eliminating the harsh starts & stops of conventional systems.

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Air-Con 2-zone Mini-split

Air-Con 2-zone Mini-split

You can use a remote or an app on your smartphone to adjust the Air-Con 2-zone mini-split’s settings. Its maximum cooling capacity is 21,000 BTUs, while its heating capacity is approximately 22,600 BTUs.

The unit arrives with 12,000 BTU and 9,000 BTU air handlers, but you must purchase the line sets and accessories you need to install the mini-split. Despite having a wide coverage range in the heating mode, the Air-Con’s mini-split can’t function at temperatures lower than 5F.

The manufacturer offers a 7-year warranty for the outdoor compressor and a 5-year warranty for all other parts of this system.

2 Zone Mini Split - 9000 + 12000 Ductless Air Conditioner | Amazon

This powerful mini split AC is an air conditioner, heater and dehumidifier all in one. Highly efficient, incredibly quiet, and made from the highest quality materials. This high SEER dual zone mini split will cover up to 1000 sf.

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Pioneer WYS020GMHI22M2

Even though it has a wider coverage range in the heating mode than it does in the cooling mode, the Pioneer WYS020GMHI22M2 cannot function at temperatures below 5F. The unit’s maximum heating output is 23,475 BTU, while its maximum cooling output is 19,000 BTU.

This Pioneer’s model has 21.3 SEER and 9.8 HSPF ratings, which makes it one of the most energy-efficient dual-mini splits in its class. The unit’s outdoor compressor is pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant, and it arrives with 25-feet long line sets.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for the mini-split’s parts and a two-year warranty for the compressor.

PIONEER Air Conditioner WYS020GMHI22M2 | Amazon

Built with latest technologies for superior efficiency, comfort and performance. 22 SEER Inverter++ Multi Split System product line, from Two to Five Zone residential & light commercial applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Senville Mini-splits

Question: Do Senville mini-splits have a defrost mode?

Answer: Yes, they do. Brand’s mini-splits enter the defrost cycle automatically, but you can also initiate the thawing process manually.

Question: Can a Senville mini-split detect a refrigerant leak?

Answer: Yes, it can. Most models have the self-diagnostics feature that detects refrigerant leaks and numerous other problems the unit can encounter.

Question: How often do I have to perform maintenance checks on Senville mini-splits?

Answer: A licensed HVAC technician should inspect your Senville mini-split system at least once per year.

Question: Do Senville mini-splits have reusable air filters?

Answer: The air filters on Senville mini-splits are reusable and washable. In some cases, vacuum cleaning the filter is enough to restore its particle retention capacity.

Our Verdict: Is Senville Sena-30HF-D1212 a Reliable Cooling And Heating Solution for Your Home?

A combination of factors can affect your decision to choose one mini-split model over another. Probably the most important one is the unit’s suitability for the specific space because getting a unit that is too small or too big for the space you want to heat and cool will annul its power-saving features.

We recommend the Senville Sena-30HF-D1212 to homeowners who are searching for an AC system that can regulate room temperature in spaces that have up to 1,900sq/ft.

This Senville model has high energy efficiency ratings, remarkable air filtering capabilities, and it can be controlled from a smartphone.

Senville Sena-30HF-D1212 | Amazon

Comes with multiple indoor air handlers for individual rooms and a single outdoor unit. Enjoy individual temperature controls in each room for ideal climate control.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 06:46 pm GMT

However, a less powerful and more affordable option like the Pioneer WYS020GMHI22M2 might be a better choice for you if you don’t need a mini-split with such a vast coverage range. Was this Senville mini-split review useful?

Let us know in the comments, or continue reading our guide to the best humidity control systems if you’re struggling to regulate the air humidity levels in your home.

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