Best Windmill Ceiling Fan Ideas Guide

Best Windmill Ceiling Fan Ideas Guide: Top 7 Models For Your To Look Into

You may be tempted to buy an air conditioner during the heat of the summer. However, you may not want to buy it if you stop to think of the power it consumes. Fortunately, you can get a much more efficient option for power-consuming air conditioners. The alternative we are talking about is the windmill ceiling fan.

While several types of these fans flood the market, it can be tricky to understand some of their surprising, innovative features. Yet, ideal ceiling fan options will have several speeds, not make annoying noise, moves the required air to you, and even has a light you can dim to the necessary lightness level.

As an excellent addition to a home, windmill ceiling fans have been in style, especially in the living rooms. These ceiling fans are large fans with an extra look of traditional elegance and are functional through summer and winter.

In this best windmill ceiling fan ideas guide, our team has done the hard work of researching the best windmill ceiling fans and the criteria for choosing or using each of them.

At A Glance – The 7 Best Windmill Ceiling Fans

Model Energy Source Special Feature Price Range
Windflower Ceiling Fan AC DC Free modern forms Android and iOS App $$$
Minka-Aire F788L-GS Corded-electric remote control $$$
Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Corded-electric remote control $$$
Quorum 97215-86 Indoor Windmill Ceiling Fan Corded-electric remote control $$$
Progress Lighting P250000-081 AD remote control $$$
Quorum 95210-86 Windmill 52-Inch Ceiling Fan BC remote control $$$
Quorum 96015-86 Windmill 60-Inch Ceiling Fan Coded-electric Multi-speed $$$$

Windflower Indoor and Outdoor 12-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan | Amazon

As bold and beautiful as a classic Holland windmill, this contemporary twelve-blade design is perfect for mid-sized and larger spaces with its 60 in. or 80 in. blade sweeps. Control everything from the palm of your hand with our WiFi-connected Modern Forms app—no one else in the industry can match this combination of style and intuitive technology.

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03/10/2024 06:09 pm GMT

Selection Criteria

how to select a windmill ceiling fan

A wide variety of manufacturers produce many ceiling fan models. As such, making the best purchasing choice can be tricky if you want the best or a first-time buyer.

However, we believe that windmill ceiling fans are the best, and this section will detail our selection criteria to choose some of these windmill ceiling fans. With that, you can be sure of investing in quality and a perfect windmill ceiling fan to ensure you get all of these advantages.

Fully Integrated and Reversible Motor on the Fan

Let’s clear the air that the original American windmill ceiling fans have no motors. Therefore, they are wind-driven. Their fans are hidden since they integrate the fan on them. However, these windmill ceiling fans are highly effective. These motors are even reversible as they are entirely USA-made.


Our criteria for selecting the best windmill ceiling fans is that they are fully assembled. You will know that it is pretty challenging to put flat-pack furniture together if you have ordered one. With that, you will appreciate this set of windmill fans that come fully assembled and ready to use.

Low Overall Weight To Size Ratio

The fan weight also plays a significant role in our selection. Windmill ceiling fans are not your average ceiling fans regarding their weight, which is a bit larger. For a start, they have many more blades, which adds to their weight.


Another factor for selecting these windmill ceiling fans is because they are handcrafted for better performance. Many companies mass-produce most ceiling fans. Bored and underpaid individuals assemble each part of the product, another piece on a conveyor belt.

What Does a Windmill Ceiling Fan Do?

Ceiling Fan Uses

Windmill ceiling fans are not only prettier or fancier ceiling fans on the market; they serve many purposes than that. These fans share similar objectives with regular fans since you have to attach them to your room’s ceiling. In addition, they affect the temperature by moving the air around them and spin at a moderate speed.

Windmill ceiling fans are like the typical ceiling fans as they are energy-efficient, particularly when compared to AC units, including 18000 BTU air conditioners. The long windmill ceiling fans are of a good enough quality, they are a unique addition to any room.

While these fans can cool you up, they are your room’s stylish focal point, beautifully illuminating the room, cooling and regulating the temperature, and promoting comfort. Windmill ceiling fans will also help you save energy.

Types of Windmill Ceiling Fans

Windmill ceiling fans have a modern fan’s strength and can add beauty to your home’s internal and external spaces. It has a galvanized motor and aluminum-based material that makes it durable and lighter than the typical fans. In addition, since most of them come already assembled, they do not need any exceptional support on the ceiling.

The choice to customize the windmill ceiling fans is one of the unique things about them. You can make them your kind of masterpieces, design them the way you like, and add more beauty to the final touch.

You can hang your windmill ceiling fans in:

  • Garages or rooms
  • Urban style gardens and houses
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Bars and cafes
  • Cathedral
  • Courtyard
  • Kitchen
  • The high-ceiling spaces

You can read about some of the windmill ceiling fan types to complete your dream design.

Large Fray Oak Windmill Ceiling Fans

Halls, restaurants, and similar large spaces will find the large windmill ceiling fans with gray oak blades quite perfect. Users can adjust their large blade span for their speed to suit their comfort level. There are also remote controls to regulate the speed of these sizeable gray oak windmill ceiling fans.

Metallic Galvanized Windmill Ceiling Fans

Any dull interior will find these metallic windmill ceiling fans ideal. While they can add and rejuvenate the room, they can be a perfect match for guest rooms, living rooms, and other rooms.

Red-Bordered Windmill Ceiling Fans

One of the unique pieces of the windmill ceiling fans’ collection is the red-bordered windmill ceiling fans. Enjoy a stylish twist to your interior with these fans’ special features.

Whether guest rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms, red-bordered windmill ceiling fans go well in all rooms. These fans stand out from the entire collection with their stylish touch of red-colored border blades.

Rustic Beauty Windmill Fans

These antique windmill fans have a brushed metal finish that makes them worth their name. Add a classic look to your interior with its antique look. You will find the perfect choice in these windmill fans if you want to wear their antique look for a flair of elegance.

The Farm-Style Revolutionary Windmill Ceiling Fans

Enjoy all the modern styles and beauty that come with the farm-style revolutionary windmill ceiling fans and bring an elegant yet decorative look to your interior.

These types can fit into any interior with their excellent stylish blades and color combination. It is also suitable for extra-large, and large rooms as its blades’ wide span can circulate the air in a broader range.

The Conventional Wooden Large Barn Windmill Ceiling Fans

These windmill fan types provide great convenience to air your barns in a conventional style. With the 18 blades, they can circulate the air all through the entire barn. You can adjust the fans’ speed with the remote control. While they are suitable for other rooms, they are also great for large barns.

Why Do Windmill Ceiling Fans Break Down?

ceiling fan breaking

Windmill ceiling fans are a cost-effective and convenient means of keeping your surroundings cool without even a vertical AC unit. These fans can help distribute cold and hot air in freezing and hot temperatures and maintain a perfect temperature.

However, you can encounter issues with your windmill ceiling fans, no matter how beneficial they are. We have the list of why windmill ceiling fans break down.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

One of the reasons windmill ceiling fans will not turn on is when they don’t receive electricity properly. It means you may have issues with tripped circuit breaker, or it is turned off. Loose connections and wiring can also cause the fans to break down. Internal defects like shot ball bearings or an overheated motor may also be the cause.

Faulty Ball Bearings

Faulty ball bearings can cause your windmill ceiling fans to blow a bit of air or get stuck on a one-speed setting. This issue can happen when you have unlubricated or cleaned ball bearings. You can also have a defect with the windmill ceiling fan. Your fan can get stuck on one speed with issues like a failing capacitor or overheating motor.

Loose Connections

Loose connections in the box, fixture, or fan can cause your windmill ceiling fans’ sound to get too noticeable. As the fan rotates, looser parts can clank together and cause some noise.

The windmill ceiling fans’ ball bearing can also be the cause since they cause the fan to rotate. It could also be that there is more resistance that results in grinding or rubbing sound if your ball bearings are not well cleaned or lubricated.

See also: How to Find the Best Ceiling Fan Boxes.

Bent or Loosed Connection

Your windmill ceiling fans can wobble if there is a case of a bent or loose connection. This bent connection typically happens in the connection part, down rod, box screws, and the blade brackets. By losing grip of the connections over time, your windmill ceiling fans may wobble with the moving blades.

Replacing an Old Windmill Ceiling Fan

how to replace a ceiling fan

Imagine that you have a perfectly decorated and designed home, from the tiniest of accent pieces to the furniture, and what can make everything pop is replacing your old windmill ceiling fan.

You can replace existing fan blades with blades similar to windmill sails and use another windmill to cover the existing hub, keeping it a ceiling fan. If you are trying to change the blades, ensure to replace them with light ones and keep them balanced.

However, going through this process sounds like a great hack. It is like searching store shelves and pouring over countless online catalogs for something that might match. For example, you could be looking to define the tips with a thin matte black line or a turquoise finish for your blades.

Many brands offer consumers custom finish options without searching for hours a store shelves to find the perfect finish or color for your windmill ceiling fans.

The Most Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a New Windmill Ceiling Fan

Since you need a lot of brainstorming and thoughts before deciding on the type to buy, getting a new windmill ceiling fan is not as fun as it sounds. It is also impossible to install any random products you see in your home. Therefore, you need to consider some factors and options before buying your ideal windmill ceiling fan for your home.

Let’s discuss some of these factors and how they can help you choose windmill ceiling fans.

Windmill Ceiling Fan’s Control Mechanism

It is wrong to expect your windmill ceiling fan to give you what you want at any time by simply hanging it in the middle of your room. You must be able to take care of speed without any issues and control your fan’s rotations per minute.

In the past, many of these brands have products with wall control to install on your wall. You will need to rotate the dimmer to control the speed. Today, you can control your fan remotely through a wide range of different features.

Windmill Ceiling Fan’s Mounting Options

The distance between the motor fan and the ceiling fan is the mounting option. In addition, the type of mechanism used to hang the fans from the ceiling is another mounting option.

Generally, your fan needs to be about 10 to 12 inches from the top. Essentially, it would help if you considered other mounting options before buying your windmill ceiling fans. Your room’s overall height depends on these mounting options.

The Perfect Windmill Ceiling Fan Size

Your windmill ceiling fan’s size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying one. Understanding the appropriate size of the fan and your room will enable you to buy the perfect one.

As a rule of thumb, you may determine the precise size of your windmill fan with the square footage of your room. Your product will not circulate the air properly if you buy a too big or too small fan for your space. With that, it will be a costly and hefty investment without any benefit.

Consider Your Windmill Ceiling Fan’s Lights

The LED light source is your windmill kit to consider. The light will offer more than 55,000 hours of average lifespan, and the lighting kit will consume little energy, which is some of the essential benefits of using an LED light source.

In addition, while the fan handles your room’s air movement, you can enjoy superior energy-efficient bulbs at night and choose between warm and cool lighting based on the manufacturer.

Consider Where to Install Your Windmill Ceiling Fan

Where do you want to install your windmill ceiling fans is the first factor to consider. There is a difference between buying windmill ceiling fans for your guest room, living room, kitchen, and your porch.

You must understand the unique weather elements of every location and how they will influence and determine the overall integrity of the fan you will install in such an area.

The Advantages of Windmill Ceiling Fans

windmill ceiling fan ideas

People always spend their summer months maintaining a precarious balance between keeping the cooling bill low and keeping the house cool. Making it work means just considering any option.

Windmill ceiling fans can be an excellent solution, but they have their drawbacks. If you want a more relaxed summer, here are some advantages of having windmill ceiling fans in your room.

Windmill Ceiling Fan Serves As a Source of Ambient Light

Many windmill ceiling fans have a light kit that you can install in the center of the fan or with a built-in light. Therefore, they can be perfect as a room’s built-in ambient lighting since you will install them in the center of your room.

In addition, the fan provides additional functionality as a primary lighting fixture in the same footprint, adding value to your home.

Perfect For Outdoors

While windmill ceiling fans can cool indoors, they are also excellent for outdoors. They are also great for lowering the outdoor and semi-outdoor temperature space, including an outdoor kitchen, sunroom, deck, patio, and porch.

Lower Cooling and Heating Bills

You can keep the windmill ceiling fan’s thermostats at a lower temperature in the winter and a higher one in the summer for better heat distribution and making your room feel more relaxed. In addition, your thermostat won’t need to cycle on and off constantly because of the constant temperature of well-circulated air.

Lower the Ambient Temperature by 4 to 5 Degrees

Your windmill ceiling fan can lower your room to around 4 to 5 degrees, which is their most significant advantage. With that, you can have a cooler room without an AC unit.

The Disadvantages of Windmill Ceiling Fans

Windmill Ceiling Can Be Dangerous

When buying your windmill ceiling fan, it will help to consider your height and those of your family members when purchasing it. People over six feet could be at the risk of knocking their heads in a low-ceilinged room. It might not be a big deal when the fan is off. However, the impact can be dangerous with the full speed of the blades.

Can be Hard to Clean

It can be a real pain cleaning anything out of reach, especially windmill ceiling fan blades. You will need a remarkable level of fitness or a unique tool to clean the tops and bottoms of the blades. The job can be easier using special wands on long poles. However, you will need extra care if you use a ladder for those on a high ceiling.

Can be Noisy

Your windmill ceiling fan will be quiet when in a perfectly clean, balanced, and pristine condition. However, the screws can loosen, blades move slightly, and weight shifts over time. Thus, you can have a somewhat more pronounced motor sound that can distract a quiet room or keep any light sleeper awake when you don’t give them skilled care.

Top 7 Windmill Ceiling Fans

Windflower Ceiling Fan – Perfect Selection

Windflower Ceiling Fan

The Windflower Indoor and Outdoor 12-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan are around 60 to 80 inches, completely silent DC motor with Nest, SmartThings, and Amazon Echo as controller type. The windmill ceiling fan is available in three colors.

Windflower Ceiling Fan tops the list for advancement, setting up the tech game apart from bringing down the temperature. The fan can sync with chosen modern forms applications and enables a free application to control fan speed.

You can expect to enjoy features like energy-reducing costs, group creations, and adaptive learning when you choose this fan for your home. In addition, it is eco-friendly with 70 percent more energy efficiency.


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sound-tested and factory-checked energy fan to ensure no wobbling
  • Supremely proficient and exceptionally quiet
  • Modern form app with touch-panel wall control to buy separately
  • Wall switch for local control


  • None!

Windflower Indoor and Outdoor 12-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan | Amazon

As bold and beautiful as a classic Holland windmill, this contemporary twelve-blade design is perfect for mid-sized and larger spaces with its 60 in. or 80 in. blade sweeps. Control everything from the palm of your hand with our WiFi-connected Modern Forms app—no one else in the industry can match this combination of style and intuitive technology.

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Minka-Aire F788L-GS Ceiling Fan – Stylish Design

Minka-Aire F788L-GS Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a windmill ceiling fan with a 60-inches size, 6-speed-reversible DC motor, remote control as controller type, and available in three colors, you will find Minka-Aire F788L-GS Dream Star highly perfect for you. You don’t need to search for other options than this fan if power and efficiency is your primary goal.

The fan’s giant blades spanning a massive length of its entire structure help regulate its air superbly. It can also offer increased airflow over a large area. This robust ceiling fan has a remote control and LED light.


  • Easy to operate with remote control
  • It has a modern look with built-in LED light
  • Powerful and smooth air regulation with its massive blades


  • None!

Minka-Aire F788L-GS Dream Star 60 Inch Ceiling Fan | Amazon

Artistic and unique in design, the Minka-Aire Dream Star is designed with a graphite steel finish and eight graphite steel blades.

Buy at Amazon
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Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Prairie II Ceiling Fan – Best Choice

Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD

With its 52-inches, 62-inches, and 72-inches, the Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Prairie II has accuracy, well-adjusted blades and DC motor, remote control, and is available in four colors. The ceiling fan solves the problem of noise and operates quietly.

The fan provides wobble-free and quiet operation with the integrated technology of its 15 LED. It is a power specimen of an engineering marvel with its unique industrial feel and looks.

Finally, you have a fan with an incredibly cool capacity equivalent to six average fans, courtesy of the 14 outdoor-use approved weathered oak blades. Enjoy all of these with light dimming and reverse functions and a speed-head remote control.


  • A perfect remote-operated fan
  • Affordable price
  • Highly functional offsetting, providing a powerful cool breeze even in its most reduced setting
  • Beautiful and extended, ideal mix that works well with different interior décor styles
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • The fan’s current built-in light is insufficient to light an average-sized room, and it uses more power
  • Picking up speed can take a while

Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD | Amazon

Monte Carlo premium quality ceiling fans make a great addition to any home. Monte Carlo Fans create overall energy cost savings through efficient engineering and design. 

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Quorum 97215-86 Indoor Windmill Ceiling Fan – Powerful and Elegant

Quorum 97215-86

The Quorum 97215-86 Windmill 72-Inches Ceiling Fan boasts 6 Poles, DC-165L Motor, remote control, and oiled bronze. The fan generates a smooth airflow in the room with its hugely powerful 15 blades. You can sit back as you regulate the air with remote control. It brings an elegant touch and adds cool to your home.


  • It has a light kit
  • Powerful blades with perfect functionality
  • Gorgeous design
  • Low price with free shipping


  • Not suitable for outdoors
  • The fan does not come with downrods
  • While it has a nifty remote control, the fan can stop working if the remote control is faulty
  • Not perfect for a DIY as it requires an expert to assemble and fix the fan
  • Not suitable for sloped ceiling

Quorum International Windmill 72" Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The oiled bronze transitional style Windmill indoor ceiling fan by Quorum has a 72" blade span, an included remote control, included Weathered Oak blades and comes light fixture adaptable.

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Progress Lighting P250000-081 Ceiling Fan – Powerful With More Functionalities

With its quiet and robust DC motor, button control, and two different colors to choose from, the Progress Lighting P250000-081 Springer Ceiling Fan offers more functionalities for any buyer.

The fan boasts a white Barnwood finished blade and will provide an excellent choice for anyone with ease of operation with remote control and features the option to change its direction and various speed settings.


  • Easy installation
  • Impressive design that will impress your guests
  • The potential to control the considerable airflow
  • It has no noise from the blades or motor, zero wobbles, and works flawlessly


  • The fan does not go at a high speed

Progress Lighting Springer Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The 12-blade, 60-in ceiling fan was inspired by the form and function of a windmill and is ideal for Farmhouse, Industrial and Transitional interior settings. A full-function remote control with batteries is included along with a dual mount canopy that accommodates flat or sloped ceilings.

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Quorum 95210-86 Windmill 52-Inch Ceiling Fan – Exceptional Quality

Quorum 95210-86 Windmill

With a similar feature to its larger 60-inch counterpart, the Quorum 95210-86 Windmill 52-Inch Ceiling Fan model is ideal for indoor use. It has an 80-inch wire lead, a 6-inch downrod, and wall control.

While the fan doesn’t come with a remote control and light kit, it is adaptable for any of them, even though you may need to buy them separately.

This model has outstanding quality. It has a 52-inch blade sweep, and its 10 blades have a gorgeous oiled bronze finish. In addition, you will enjoy six different speed settings with reverse, a 30-degree blade pitch, and 25-degree slope adaptability. With these features, it can deliver impressively with a 1966 cubic feet per minute airflow.


  • Suitable for 25-degree slope angle, 30-degree blade pitch, and six different speed settings with a reversible
  • A great addition to several interior settings
  • It can reach 1966 cubic feet per minute airflow


  • It doesn’t come with a light kit

Quorum International Windmill 52" Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The Oiled Bronze transitional style Windmill indoor ceiling fan by Quorum has a 52" blade span, an included remote control, included Weathered Oak blades and comes light fixture adaptable.

Buy at Amazon
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Quorum 96015-86 Windmill 60-Inch Ceiling Fan – Powerful Airflow

The Quorum 96015-86 Windmill 60-Inch Ceiling Fan creates a powerful airflow, has a perfect blade sweep, and has a gorgeous design. While the fan is a strictly indoors unit, it can deliver an excellent ambiance in any room.

It has a 60-inch blade sweep with a 30-degree blade pitch. This fan also comes with wall control and a 6-inch downrod. This model works and looks better even though it doesn’t come with a light kit.


  • It is remote control adaptable and has six different speed settings
  • It can create about 5982 cubic feet per minute airflow
  • 60-inch blade sweep that is perfect for many indoor spaces and rooms


  • Even though you can install a light kit on this model, it is not as versatile as other models

Quorum International Windmill 60" Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The oiled bronze transitional style Windmill indoor ceiling fan by Quorum has a 60" blade span, an included remote control, included Weathered Oak blades and comes light fixture adaptable.

Buy at Amazon
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Frequently Asked Questions About Windmill Ceiling Fans

Question: Are Windmill Fans Good?

Answer: Windmill ceiling fans are perfect for your home, whether your home has other air cooling units like AC units or not. People can use many of these ceiling fans outdoors, excellent for interior decoration, and are energy efficient.

Question: Do windmill Fans Work?

Answer: Yes, windmill fans work as they can indeed cool you down and create a wind-chill effect even though it may not drop the air temperature. They can make a constant breeze for your room as they knead the air like dough.

Question: How does the Number of Blades Affect a Fan?

Answer: A fan with fewer blades will have a more occasional drag on their motor. As such, it can deliver more air efficiently as it goes faster. Thus, you also get a better wind-chill effect and more airflow.

Our Verdict: Which is The Best Windmill Ceiling Fan

So, which of the selected and reviewed windmill ceiling fans will you buy for your home? When it comes to a high-quality and durable windmill ceiling fan, which of the tips will be your top recommendation?

Well, our team recommends Windflower Ceiling Fan because of its beautiful and bold look and feel. It has a 12 blade design suitable for more extended and mid-sized rooms and spaces.

With the wifi connected modern forms app, you can control your fan from the palm of your hand. We also love the fan’s intuitive technology and style that no brand can match.

03/10/2024 06:09 pm GMT

Let us know what you think, or you can continue reading about our guide on the best 72-inch ceiling fan options if you are looking for another way of cooling your room.

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