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Goodman 3 Ton Heat Pump Review and Guide

The size of ductless split systems or so-called heat pumps designed for residential use commonly spans from 1.5 to 5 tons. In this Goodman 3 ton heat pump review, we’re going to take a closer look at the brand’s unit that has 36,000 BTUs of cooling and heating capacity.

It is worth adding that all of Goodman’s heat pump models are available in multiple sizes, so you can get the same unit with 1-ton and 5-ton output depending on your needs. The brand is widely accepted as one of the air conditioning industry giants that produce highly energy-efficient heat pumps.

This article focuses on the properties of the Goodman GVZC20 heat pump, but you should explore other options this brand offers if the features of this model fail to meet your expectations.

You should also go through our guide to the best 3-ton heat pumps to explore ductless split systems manufactured by competing brands.

Key specifications of the Goodman GVZC20

Goodman’s selection of heat pumps currently includes five different models with slightly different features and power-saving capacities. The Goodman GVCZ20 is the brand’s most energy-efficient model, and you can choose between 2,3,4, and 5-ton versions of this heat pump.

Let’s look at the most important features of the 3-ton version of the Goodman GVCZ20 heat pump.

Cooling and heating capacity  36,000 BTU
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating  21 SEER
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 10 HSPF
Operating temperature range 115F to -15F
Line set dimensions  3/8-inch – 7/8-inch
Refrigerant type R-410A
WiFi-enabled Yes
Latest price Check latest price here

Core features of the Goodman GVZC20 heat pump


Like mini-split systems, heat pumps have an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. The Goodman GVZC20 features only an outdoor unit, and you must purchase its indoor component separately.

The manufacturer doesn’t provide any information regarding the maximum number of zones this heat pump can have, so you need to consult with the HVAC technician you hire to install the system whether or not it is possible to split the unit’s output into several zones.

The line sets are also not included in the offer, and you must find compatible suction and liquid lines before starting the installation process.

Despite all of these shortcomings, the Goodman GVZC20 is still one of the best heat pumps on the market because it can remain functional for more than a decade with little to no upkeep.

You should check out our guide to the best 2.5-ton heat pumps if a 36,000 BTU heat pump is too powerful for your needs.

Coverage range

Under ideal conditions, a 36,000 BTU heat pump should regulate the room temperature in a 1,500sq/ft area. However, the heating capacities of these systems are largely reliant on the outdoor temperature unless you pair the unit with a gas furnace.

The manufacturer doesn’t provide the maximum number of air handlers you can connect to the Goodman GVZC20, so you need to do additional research to find out if it is possible to split the unit’s output into multiple zones.

The brand offers a wide range of indoor air handlers, and you need to consult with the licensed dealer and the HVAC contractor about their compatibility with the Goodman GVCZ20 heat pump.

It is worth noting that factors that are not related to its features, such as the average annual temperature in the region where you live or the number of windows and doors in the space where the heat pump will be installed, can affect the coverage range of this unit.

Hiring an HVAC technician might help you estimate the size of a heat pump system you need to properly cool or heat a specific area. Read our guide to the best 5-ton heat pumps if you need a unit capable of regulating temperature in spaces larger than 3,000sq/ft.

Properties of the compressor

As the heart of a heat pump, the compressor plays a key role in the system’s performance, and its features determine how efficient the entire system is going to be. The Goodman GVCZ20 has galvanized steel cabinet that protects the compressor and other components from all types of weather.

It has a two-tone gray powder paint finish, and it grants you top and side access to the parts of the outdoor unit. The Goodman GVCZ20 is equipped with a variable speed swing compressor that allows you to increase or decrease the system’s output incrementally.

The unit’s cabinet also contains a built-in compressor crankcase heater that maintains the refrigerant’s temperature above the coldest part of the system.

In addition, the GVCZ20 features sensors that monitor the ambient and coil temperature to ensure the smooth operation of this component.

This Goodman’s heat pump is pre-charged with enough refrigerant to allow you to install the indoor air handler 15-feet away from the outdoor compressor. Our guide to the best 4-ton heat pumps might help you find the right cooling and heating system for your home.

Cooling and heating efficiency ratings

Goodman Pump

The power consumption of whole-house cooling and heating systems like the Goodman GVCZ20 is one of the most important factors determining its efficiency. With the 21 SEER and 10 HSPF ratings, the GVCZ20 is the brand’s most energy-efficient heat pump model.

Even though they’re Energy Star certified like the GVCZ20 model, all other Goodman’s heat pumps have SEER ratings lower than 20. High seasonal cooling and heating ratings indicate that the GVCZ isn’t going to significantly increase your household’s power consumption.

It’s worth adding that the heat pump’s power consumption changes depending on the current weather conditions. The unit’s operating range spans from 115F to -5F, but its low-temperature performance might not be sufficient to heat the 1,500sq/ft area.

Go through our guide to the best 2-ton heat pumps if you’re looking for a suitable cooling and heating solution for a space smaller than 1,200sq/ft.

Airflow control options

The heat pump’s maximum airflow depends on how powerful its outdoor component is. The manufacturer doesn’t include the information about the system’s maximum airflow output in the product description or data about the indoor air distribution.

The unit utilizes an electronically communicated compressor motor that allows you to set the airflow output anywhere within the 0% to 100% range. Also, the model’s compressor features copper coil tubing and aluminum fins that broaden the heat absorption area.

The GVCZ20 has a filter drier that helps the system to absorb moisture and get rid of air contaminants. Check out our guide to best replacement coils to find out more about different types of coils you can encounter in heat pump systems.

Noise levels

The cabinet of this Goodman’s model features a high-capacity muffler that dampens the vibration the compressor generates while operational. Moreover, a foam compressor blanket reduces the amount of noise this unit makes.

It is worth adding that the heat pump makes more noise in the heating mode than it does in the cooling mode. The GVCZ20 generates between 56dB and 74dB of noise in the cooling mode, while the least amount of noise it can make while operating in the heating mode is 69dB.

This heat pump will make 78dB of noise if you use the maximum of its heating capabilities.

Safety features

Goodman Heat Pump

Besides allowing you to adjust the heat pump’s settings through an app, The ComfortBridge™ technology enables you to initiate a diagnostics session if the system isn’t working properly. The unit also features lights that help HVAC technicians to detect the problems the heat pump encounters.

This Goodman’s model is equipped with SmartShift technology that guarantees a smooth transition into the defrost mode and prevents ice accumulation on the compressor. Also, this unit is compliant with the ETL North American safety standards.

Installation requirements

Purchasing just the Goodman GVZC20 isn’t enough to install the system because you must also get an indoor unit, a thermostat, and various other accessories this heat pump needs to function normally. This unit doesn’t come with an installation kit, although it does contain an installation manual.

Ideally, a professional HVAC technician should help you calculate the heat pump size you need, guide you through the selection process, and install the system for you.

Also, you should bear in mind that you cannot use a line set longer than 15 feet with the Goodman GVZC20 unless you add more refrigerant to the system. Read our guide to the best HVAC gauges to find out how to charge a heat pump.

Price and warranty

Purchasing this heat pump directly from the manufacturer isn’t possible, and you need to find a local dealer that offers this model. You’ll have to spend well over $2,000 to get this Goodman’s 3-ton heat pump and the accessories you need to install the unit.

The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty for all parts of this cooling and heating system and a lifetime warranty for the compressor. You must register the product online to activate its warranty within 60 days from the purchase.

The pros of the Goodman 3-ton heat pump

Heat pump

Variable speed compressor

Unlike one-stage and two-stage compressors, a variable speed compressor grants you complete control over the heat pump’s airflow output. You can increase or decrease the airflow output in the range between 0% and 100%.

Weather-resistant cabinet

The unit’s galvanized cabinet isn’t affected by exposure to extremely low or high temperatures. In addition, it isn’t prone to corrosion, and prolonged exposure to high humidity levels is unlikely to damage it.

Wide coverage area

The 3-ton version of the Goodman GVCZ20 heat pump is suitable for spaces that have up to 1,500sq/ft. This unit is equally efficient in residential and commercial settings, and you can use it to regulate the temperature in your office, restaurant, or home.

Equipped with the ComfortBridge technology

This Goodman’s model is compatible with the brand’s gas furnaces and indoor air handles with the ComfortBrige feature. This technology enables you to control the heat pump system through an app instead of a thermostat and adjust its settings even when you’re not at home.

Excellent safety features

You won’t have to worry about entering the defrost mode manually or struggling to detect why the heat pump isn’t functioning normally because the Goodman GVCZ20 is stacked with features that enable you to perform all of these actions automatically.

The cons of the Goodman 3-ton heat pump


High noise level

This heat pump can make almost 80dB of noise while operating in the heat mode despite having a high-density blanket and a muffler. That’s why you need to choose its location carefully to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

Short refrigerant lines

The maximum distance between the indoor and outdoor components of this heat pump system is just 15 feet. You need to make sure that you can install the indoor handler 15 feet away from the outdoor compressor before you decide to purchase this model.

The Best Alternatives to the Goodman 3-ton Heat Pump

Despite its remarkable power-saving capabilities and advanced features, the Goodman GVCZ20 isn’t necessarily the right cooling and heating system for all homes. The market is saturated with units equipped with features similar to those offered by Goodman’s model.

We’ve shortlisted a few alternative heat pump models manufactured by competing brands so let’s look at what they have to offer. You should also go through our guide to the best 36,000 BTU mini-splits if you don’t think a 3-tone heat pump is the right cooling and heating option for you.

Trane XV20i


You can pair the Trane XV20i with a furnace or an indoor air handler using the ComfortLink II technology that enables all system components to remain in constant communication.

In addition, this model has a variable speed compressor equipped with the TruComfort technology that allows for up to 750 airflow speed adjustments. This Trane’s heat pump is Energy Star certified, but its SEER and HSPF ratings are not as high as those on the Goodman GVCZ20.

Besides regulating the temperature, the XV20i also improves the quality of air in your home because it has a CleanEffects air cleaner that traps air pollutants.

Rheem RP20



The EcoNet feature lets you pair the Rheem RP20 with other EcoNet-enabled devices and create a smart home air and water control system. This unit features a variable speed scroll compressor that lets you control the room temperature and air humidity in your home.

The 20 SEER and 11HSPF ratings make Rheem’s RP20 an economical heating and cooling solution. The unit has a sturdy cabinet designed to provide you quick and easy access to the internal components.

The parts and the compressor are protected by a 10-year warranty, but you’ll only be able to replace faulty parts for free if you register the product after you purchase it.

Bryant Evolution 288BNV


The DuraGuard cabinet design makes the Bryant Evolution 288BNV both elegant and sturdy. The unit’s cabinet is composed of metal sheets that aren’t prone to corrosion, and they resist extreme temperatures.

This heat pump is compatible with 2-stage thermostats and indoor components, and it can only operate at five different speeds. The Hybrid Heat feature enables you to connect this unit to a gas furnace and enhance its cooling performance.

The Bryant Evolution 288BNV has 19 SEER and 11HSPF ratings, but it isn’t Energy Star certified even though it meets the required efficiency standards.

Frequently asked questions about Goodman 3-ton heat pumps

Question: Can I use a Goodman 3-ton heat pump to heat my home?

Answer: Yes, you can, but severe weather conditions can affect the unit’s heating performance. Connecting the heat pump system to a gas furnace is the most reliable option if you live in a cold-climate region.

Question: How long does it take to install a Goodman 3-ton heat pump?

Answer: The installation process can usually be completed in one day, and it lasts between 5 and 10 hours, depending on the complexity of the system you choose.

Question: When should I contact the HVAC contractor?

Answer: Ideally, you should get in touch with a contractor that will install a heat pump system for you as soon as you decide you want to get this cooling and heating system for your home. The contractor should help you choose the right size of the heat pump and guide you through all stages of the installation process.

Question: Does Goodman produce accessories for its heat pumps?

Answer: Yes, the brand manufactures all components and accessories you might need to install these systems, but they’re sold separately from the system’s outdoor component.

Our verdict: Are Goodman 3-ton heat pumps a reliable cooling and heating solution for your home?

Having complete control over the heat pump’s cooling and heating output reduces the amount of power you have to spend to regulate the temperature in your home.

That’s what the variable speed swing compressor the Goodman GVCZ20 features enables you to do because it allows you to increase or decrease the unit’s output incrementally.

We recommend this Goodman’s heat pump because it comes with a powerful set of features, and it has higher SEER and HSPF ratings than most of its competitors.

Alternative options like the Rheem RP20 or Trane XV20i are worth considering, although they’re less energy efficient than the GVCZ20 unit. Was this Goodman 3-ton heat pump review useful?

Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to cooling systems to explore different ways of controlling the temperature in your home during summer.

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