Napoleon Wood Stove Review

Napoleon Wood Stove Review and Guide: Is It Worth Buying?

An inefficient heating system can inflate your utility bills to more than 40% of an average household income. Our Napoleon Wood Stove review will show you how switching to this heating system can lower your monthly utility bills.

The Napoleon brand has been on the market for over forty years, and during that time, the company produced some of the most innovative wood stoves ever created. The company offers multiple wood stove options designed for small and large spaces.

So in this Napoleon Wood Stove review, we’ll examine the features of the Napoleon S25 wood stove that is powerful enough to heat an entire home. You should go through our guide to wood stoves to learn more about different types of wood stoves and the fuel they’re using.

Key specifications of the Napoleon S25 Wood Stove

The brand’s website currently features only wood stoves from the S series, and you can choose between the S25 and S20 models.

However, you might also encounter models from the Huntsville, Banff, and Independence series as they’re still offered by some online retailers, but they’re unavailable at the manufacturer’s website.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important characteristics of the Napoleon S25 wood stove.

Maximum heating capacity  70,000 BTU
Firebox capacity 2.5 cu/ft
EPA certified  Yes
Firebox top width 5/16-inch
Maximum burning time  16 hours
Average emission rate 1.3 grams per hour
Product dimensions 37.5 x 28.75 x 27 inches
Latest price Check latest price here

Core features of the Napoleon S25 wood stove

Wolfgang Schroeter started the Napoleon company in 1981. The brand’s first product was a steel wood stove that featured a ceramic glass window. This innovative product has established the company as one of the industry leaders.

Over the course of the last forty years, Napoleon extended the range of its products, and today it offers a wide range of award-winning gas, electric, and wood fireplaces as well as grill appliances. The brand also manufactures heat pumps, central air conditioners, mini-split systems, and air filters.

Hence, the wood stoves from the S series represent only a small portion of the brand’s heating and cooling products. The S20 and S25 wood stoves have a large ceramic glass viewing area, one of the key characteristics that contributed to the popularity of this Canadian company.

Go through our guide to the best fireplace systems you can pair with your new wood stove to improve heating in your home.

Design and materials

The contemporary and minimalistic design of the Napoleon S25 wood stove makes it easy to pair it with the rest of the furniture in the room where the appliance is going to be installed. The wood stove’s door, ash lip, and pedestal are made of cast iron.

Its 28-3/4 x 24-3/4 x 37-1/2-inch firebox is spacious enough so that you can use 23-inch long logs to load this wood stove from side-to-side or 17-inches long logs for front-to-end loading. The back and sidewalls of the firebox are made of fire-resistant materials that can withstand frequent exposure to high temperatures.

The model’s door features a large window made of durable glass that isn’t affected by the heat that allows you to relax while observing the flames and to know when you have to add more wood to the fire.

This model also has top and rear heat shields, so you don’t have to worry about protecting its surroundings from warmth. Check out our guide to furnace types or furnace cement to learn how you can repair the fire-resistant materials inside of a wood stove’s firebox.

Coverage range

This Napoleon’s model is designed as a whole-house heating solution, and you can use it to heat spaces that have up to 2,100sq/ft. Ultimately, the S25’s coverage range depends on the type of wood you’re using as fuel and the amount of fuel you add to it is the firebox.

This wood stove can hold up to 2.5cu/ft of wood, so you won’t have to refuel it often, especially if you’re burning oak, maple, birch, or ash. In addition, the ceramic fiber baffle system traps the heated air and combustion gases inside the firebox, which increases the temperature the wood stove generates.

You should also keep in mind that the S25’s coverage range can be affected by contextual factors such as the current outdoor temperature, the layout of the space it heats, or the quality of wall insulation.

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Maximum temperature and burn times

According to the manufacturer, the S25’s maximum cooling output is 70,000BTU. However, the maximum operating temperature isn’t included in the product description, so it is difficult to determine the wood stove’s temperature limit.

However, it is imperative not to exceed the 70,000 BTU output because you might end up damaging the S25’s components. The maximum time the stove can run on a single load is 16 hours, but this is only possible under ideal conditions.

In most cases, you’ll have to reload the woodstove every four to eight hours, depending on the amount of fuel you added to the firebox. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the S25 wood stove needs to be placed on a floor protector to avoid the risk of damaging the floor by exposing it to high temperatures.

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Energy efficiency and gas emissions

Unlike other types of heating systems, wood stoves don’t have energy efficiency ratings. Their heating efficiency is calculated by measuring their capability to convert wood into usable heat.

The Napoleon S25’s weighted average overall efficiency is 76%, which makes it one of the most energy-efficient models on the market. This wood stove is EPA certified, and it meets all EPA 2020 cordwood requirements.

Its weighted average emission rate is 1.3 grams of smoke per hour, well above the EPA’s limit of 2.0 grams of smoke per hour. This eco-friendly wood stove won’t pollute the air or release any dangerous fumes into your home.

However, none of the models from the S series come with the stove pipe, so you need to check the dimensions of the S25’s flue collar in order to find a compatible stove pipe. Read our guide to the best washable furnace filters to learn how you can improve the air quality in your home.

Ash removal system

The precision glide ash drawer and an optional removable ash pan make collecting and disposing of the ash the S25 produces simple. Napoleon’s wood stove also has an ash lip that prevents the ash from falling onto the hearth and reduces its upkeep requirements.

How frequently you have to empty the ash pan depends on how often you’re using the stove.

The manufacturer doesn’t mention the ash pan’s dimensions or its storage capacity in the product description. Hence, the best way to determine when’s the right time to remove the ash is to check if the ash pan is full.

The Napoleon S25 wood stove isn’t approved for use in mobile homes, but our guide to the best mobile home air conditioners can help you find a suitable heating solution for your RV or manufactured home.

Available accessories

As we already noted, this wood stove doesn’t come with a pipe; you need to connect it to a chimney. Also, you can choose to replace its back and sidewall materials with refractory bricks if you want to improve the insulation of the S25’s firebox.

Getting a blower kit for this wood stove will enable you to distribute the heat through the space where the S25 is going to be installed. The manufacturer also offers a handle add-on that prevents it from overheating and enables you to open the wood stove’s door without having to wear gloves.

The glass on the S25’s door is made of fire-resistant material that doesn’t break easily, but in case you accidentally damage the glass finding the replacement might be difficult because the manufacturer doesn’t offer replacement glass for this wood stove model.

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Installation requirements

You should hire a professional to install the Napoleon S25 for you, even if you consider yourself an experienced DIYer. Before the installation process can start, you’ll have to get all the accessories the woodstove needs to function normally.

You should also create a drawing of the installation plan and then ensure that this plan follows the state’s building guidelines. The contractor must go through your plans and confirm that they meet all the requirements.

Also, the wood stove’s position should be chosen based on the minimum combustible clearance regulations. Read our guide to roof-mounted air conditioners if you’re considering alternatives to wood stoves.

Price and warranty

The remarkable features the Napoleon S25 offers come at a high price, and you’ll have to spend more than $2,500 on the base version of this wood stove. In addition, the installation costs vary from $1,000 to more than $ 7,000, depending on the complexity of the installation process.

Napoleon offers a lifetime warranty for all wood-burning stoves from the S series, but you should keep in mind that a licensed technician must install the S25 model so that its warranty can become valid.

Also, the warranty only covers the repair costs during the first year, while the stove’s owner covers the labor costs for the rest of the warranty’s duration. Check out our guide to ventilation systems if you have to upgrade your home’s ventilation system to install the Napoleon S25 wood stove.

The Pros of the Napoleon S25 Wood Stove

Built from durable materials

All components of the Napoleon S25 wood stove are made of either cast iron or steel. Both of these materials handle high temperatures well, and they aren’t prone to corrosion. In addition, you can choose which material will be used to line the walls of the firebox.

Simple and functional design

A large viewing window grants you a clear view of the firebox and enables you to check quickly if the stove needs more fuel. Gaining access to the ash pan is easy, as you just have to pull the ash drawer and remove the pan.

Long burn time

The Napoleon S25 can run on a single load of fuel for up to 16 hours, which ensures that you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to refuel the woodstove. Of course, various factors can affect the stove’s burn time, but despite this, a 2.5 cu/ft load should last through the night.

Low emission rates

This wood stove produces only 1.3 grams of smoke per hour or a bit more than 30gr/h in 24 hours. The S25 model is EPA certified, which guarantees that it’s eco-friendly.

Low fuel consumption

The weighted average overall efficiency of the Napoleon S25 is 76%, which means that ¾ of the wood you put into the firebox is converted into heat. Consequently, you won’t have to burn a lot of wood to keep your home warm.

The Cons of the Napoleon S25 Wood Stove

Difficult and expensive installation process

Managing the installation process of the Napoleon S25 on your own can be challenging on several levels. On the other hand, hiring a professional to install this wood-burning stove for you can cost you more than $1,000.

Controlling the maximum temperature can be difficult

The maximum heating output of this Napoleon’s model is 70,000 BTUs, and exceeding this limit can damage the stove’s components. However, determining when you’ve reached this limit can be difficult as you can’t measure the current temperature in the stove.

The Best Alternatives to the Napoleon S25 Wood Stove

High heating output, durable heat-resistant components, and sleek design are among the reasons why the Napoleon S25 is among the best wood stoves on the market.

Comparing its features to the features offered by models produced by competing brands will make it easier to decide if this Napoleon’s stove is the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to this wood stove.

Drolet Escape

Drolet Escape Furnace

The manufacturer recommends using dry cordwood as fuel to get the most out of the Drolet Escape’s heating capacity. This wood stove can generate up to 75,000 BTU of heat when its firebox is loaded with 15 and 25 lb/ft of dry cordwood within 60 to 120 minutes.

Its coverage range spans from 500sq/ft to 2,100sq/ft, and it is an ideal heating solution for spaces that have around 1,500sq/ft. The wood stove’s maximum burn time is 8 hours, so in most cases, you’ll have to reload it every four to five hours.

Hearthstone Heritage

The TruHybrid™ combustion system is the reason why the Hearthstone Heritage burns cleanly and generates only 0.54 grams of smoke per hour. The firebox is big enough to hold 21-inch long logs, and its maximum load capacity is 2.2cu.ft.

This catalytic wood stove can’t generate more than 60,000 BTUs, but despite this, it still has a huge coverage area. Moreover, the appliance’s maximum burn time is 25 hours, and under perfect conditions, you only have to refuel it once per day.

This Hearthstone’s wood-burning furnace is available in multiple color options.

US Stove Log Wood

The traditional design of the US Stove Log Wood makes it a perfect match for rustic home décor styles. Its maximum heating output is sufficient to heat spaces smaller than 1,000sq/ft, and its efficiency is just 67.4%.

This wood stove doesn’t have a temperature gauge, so you won’t be able to monitor its current temperature. Its top is relatively small, but you can still use it as a cooking surface. This product is EPA compliant, and it doesn’t produce high amounts of toxic fumes.

Frequently asked questions about Napoleon Wood Stoves

Question: Is the Napoleon S25 a catalytic wood stove?

Answer: The Napoleon S25 is a non-catalytic wood stove with no catalytic combustor that re-burns the gases.

Question: Does the Napoleon S25 have a cooktop?

Answer: This wood stove is designed primarily for heating, and it isn’t suitable for cooking.

Question: What is the recommended fuel for the Napoleon S25 wood stove?

Answer: The manufacturer doesn’t provide any guidelines regarding the type of wood owners should use as fuel.

Question: How often do I have to clean the Napoleon S25 stovepipe?

Answer: The stove pipe cleaning frequency depends on how often you’re using the S25 model, and it can vary from once every few weeks to once per year.

Our Verdict: Are Napoleon Wood Stoves a Reliable Heating Option?

The sheer heating power of wood stoves from the Napoleon’s S series makes them attractive for most homeowners. Both the S20 and S25 models have wide coverage ranges as they’re capable of heating spaces with more than 2,000sq/ft.

High energy efficiency, low emission rates, sturdy components, or long burn time are some of the reasons why we recommend the Napoleon S25 wood-burning stove. However, Hearthstone Heritage might be a better option for you if you’re searching for a model equipped with a catalytic combustor.

Was this Napoleon S25 review useful? Let us know in the comments, or continue reading our Senville mini-split review if you’re searching for an AC system you can use during heating and cooling seasons.

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