Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Guide

Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Guide: Top Brands For Your To Consider

As the name suggests, roof-mounted air conditioning units are installed on the rooftop. This air conditioner is considered a single unit that is installed on the roof of most developed buildings.

However, there are many things regarding the system installed on the roof that most people lack knowledge about. Let’s dig deeper into our roof mounted air conditioning guide and unveil detailed information about this type of air conditioner.

The roof-mounted air conditioner can be used for cooling, heating, or both. On most occasions, supermarkets, departmental stores, and cinemas are ideal buildings that suit this type of air conditioner. Its installation is regarded as economical since it has already been factory tested and certified by respective bodies.

Since this air conditioning unit is installed outside, it is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight, wind, and sun. The paint coating used on the system is of high quality to sustain the fluctuating harsh weather conditions.

The system’s doors are designed to withstand wind and water, ensuring that the entire system is entirely protected.

When installing the roof-mounted air conditioner, you should ensure that the roof of the building is strong enough to withstand the system’s weight. Also, certain factors need to be considered before you think of installing the air conditioner. Let’s shed light on them below.

Factors Considered When Installing The Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Factors Considered When Installing The Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit


Whenever you think of installing the roof-mounted air conditioner, you should always think of the accessibility factor. This is crucial, although most people tend to forget it, thus leaving it out.

Note that your air conditioner will require a regular maintenance schedule. This means that the AC system should be installed in an easily accessed position.

Remember that you will always be forced to climb to the top of the roof with the rooftop air conditioner. Therefore, to be safe, the system should be installed in a simple position on the rooftop where you can easily reach it without much hassle. This will also contribute to the well-being of the entire system and its performance.


It is critical to understand that different areas have different climatic conditions. The roof-mounted air conditioner is designed to withstand harsh weather conditioners.

When installing the AC system, you should evaluate the weather condition of your area and understand what you need to put in place for the system to work efficiently.

Note that when the roof-mounted air conditioner is installed, it calls for maximum protection to work correctly regardless of the weather condition. You should always analyze the climatic conditioner within your region to detect the kind of protection that the AC system deserves to work effectively.

Components of The Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

The roof-installed air conditioner is assembled in various serviceable housing where every component is installed independently. Note that every part of the AC system is installed separately to generate the desired results.

The AC system parts include the condenser, evaporator, receiver, drain pans, check valves, condenser fan, and vibration eliminators.

Whenever you are looking for a new system or a system to replace the old one, you should go for an energy-efficient design. Note that the new designs on the market have better designs and high efficiency. Better designs are a good energy saver, thus saving you from skyrocketing electricity bills.

However, the cost of the AC system with a better design is relatively high compared to the old-fashioned systems that were initially on the market. Even though the initial price of the modern AC system is high, it will save you from extra costs in the long run.

Air Control

The roof-mounted air conditioners have an air control system with dampers controlled automatically by the system itself. However, certain types of dampers need to be controlled manually, known as fresh air intake dampers. Also, there are specific sensors that have the responsibility to detect the temperature of the air.

The entire air conditioner system is designed to allow the damper’s opening depending on the unit settings and feedback of the sensors. Based on the system’s design, an off-the-shelf economizer mechanism can be applied to control the airflow.

The air already conditioned by the system is then channeled to different building parts through the duct distribution channel.

The diffusers are responsible for discharging the refined air into different rooms across the building. The individual thermostats control the amount of air that is already conditioned and released into the rooms.

Maintenance Hacks of the Rooftop Air Conditioner

Maintenance Hacks of the Rooftop Air Conditioner

Since the air conditioner is installed at the top of the roof, it is vital to consider various precautions to enhance the AC unit’s well-being and your safety during maintenance or troubling shooting the system. Do you understand some of these maintenance hacks? Don’t worry! Let’s dive in!

The panels are made of metal and are usually extremely hot when exposed to high temperatures. When there is direct sunlight and the weather condition is extremely high, use hand gloves when handling the heated panels.

Acquire a hat and sunglasses to cut short the fluid loss from your body due to high temperatures. Also, have a bottle of water to replenish your body.

The fumes generated from the system are incredibly harmful to your health. Therefore, you need a high level of protection to avoid inhaling the fumes. Note that it is always not advised to work on the maintenance of the AC system alone. Having a team of experts to work on the unit is always necessary to prevent any form of untoward incident.

When there are strong winds, you should always ensure that the system’s doors are secured. It aids in ensuring that the wind does not swing the panel to prevent injury. If you live in areas with strong winds, you should consider putting up wind shelters to be on the safe side.

When climbing to the top of the roof, you should have a reliable ladder that is strong enough for safety reasons. When climbing on top, you should always use all your hands to be on the safe side. This will help you to concentrate and remain comfortable.

Factors to Consider in an AC Unit Before Purchasing

Factors to Consider in an AC Unit Before Purchasing

Power Consumption

The power consumption of the rooftop-mounted air conditioner should always be your immediate priority. Always look for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioner. This will help you to save groundbreaking electricity bills from time to time.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of a given air conditioner is detected by special units known as British Thermal Units (BTU). Always go for an air conditioner with a powerful cooling capacity.

Ducted Vs. Ductless

There are two main designs when it comes to rooftop air conditioners. Ductless air conditioners are mainly suitable to use in a single space. For multiple rooms, a ducted unit is the best option to work efficiently.

Size of the System

The roof-mounted air conditioners come in different sizes and shapes. If you buy one that is too big or too small, you might end up experiencing numerous complications. For high-quality results, always go for the one that fits your needs.

3 Best Recommended Types of Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Currently, there are many roof-mounted air conditioners on the market. However, it is vital to understand the type of air conditioner you intend to acquire. I chose these roof mounted air conditioning units based on affordability, availability, and positive customer reviews.

Below are the best-recommended types of rooftop-mounted air conditioners based on their performance and durability.

Airxcel 08-0080 Mach 15

Airxcel 08-0080 Mach 15

This Airxcel 08-0080 Mach 15 is one of the most powerful roof-mounted air conditioners. The system has a cooling capacity of 15000 BTU making it a powerful air conditioning device.

It also uses the latest design of fans in the market that is commonly applied in different RV AC systems. It generates an impressive cooling impact with an output of 320 cubic feet per minute.

The system has been designed in a manner that you can cool different rooms at the same time within the shortest time possible. The unit comes with an incredible design and a streamlined shape that aids in reducing drag. Its body is also meant to maximize cooling efficiency as well as preventing overheating.


  • It is durable and has a streamlined design.
  • Able to serve different rooms simultaneously and efficiently.
  • It has ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • It has a 15000 BTU cooling capacity and a 5600 heating capacity.


  • The fan is noisy.

Furrion Chill White FACR14SA-PS

Furrion Chill White FACR14SA-PS

This is a high-quality and affordable rooftop air conditioning unit available on the market. It is highly compatible with ductless and ducted cooling systems, thus suitable for home use.

The system comes with a 14,500 BTU cooling capacity that makes it ideal for serving homes. The Furrion Chill White has an aerodynamic design that ensures the system gives the desired results.

It comes with a durable UV protection coating that assists the entire system in withstanding wear and tear, thus long-lasting. The coating also prevents the system from sun exposure preventing you from incurring furthers costs. It has a protective shroud cover that keeps the system safe when not in use.


  • It is relatively cheap.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • It works efficiently with both ducted and ductless cooling systems.
  • It comes with a UV protective cover together with a shroud.


  • The shroud is easily damaged.

Dometic Brisk Air II

Dometic Brisk Air II

This is a two-in-one air conditioner that is mainly designed to be placed on the rooftop with high capabilities of heating and cooling together with automatic control. The unit has a 15000 BTU cooling capacity together with a 15000 BTU heating capacity. You can easily adjust both the heating and cooling capabilities whenever you want.

The AC system uses advanced composite materials that make it efficient and durable. The Dometic Brisk Air II has a carbon steel base that aids in protecting the unit against bumps and bangs. The EPP foam aids in Cushioning and insulating the air conditioner to prevent short circuits.


  • It incorporates a powerful fan.
  • It boasts both heating and cooling capabilities.
  • It is flexible in using both ducted and ductless systems.
  • It is developed with reliable composite materials.


  • The fan produces noise at a higher speed.
  • It is heavier than other systems.


Question: How Do the Roof-mounted Air Conditioners Work?

Answer: When the AC unit is installed on the rooftop, it generates cool and low-pressure factors at the compressor as a gas. The device compresses it into a hot and high-pressure gas that enters into the condenser coil.

The metal fins located on the coil begin absorbing and dispersing the heat through different channels. The condenser takes charge of blowing the exhaust away from the building.

Question: What Is the Name Given to the AC Unit on the Roof?

Answer: In the HVAC industry, the rooftop AC unit is mainly referred to as a package unit. Note that the package unit works independently from the split system. It is good to know that the split system has an outdoor and indoor cabinet that uses different components.

Question: Why Would You Decide to Put an Air Conditioner on the Roof?

Answer: The rooftop air conditioning system transfers warm air from higher levels making it felt throughout the house. Note that the warm air won’t need to be removed with the rooftop air conditioner since the cool air is diligently moving throughout the house.

Question: How Long Do Rooftop Units Last?

Answer: According to analysis, a rooftop lasts for about fifteen years. This means that the unit serves quiet for a long time before you think of replacing it. However, making a scheduled maintenance program will make the unit long-lasting.

Question: Why Are Rooftop Air Conditioners Expensive?

Answer: The quality of a particular product directly impacts its price. The roof-mounted air conditioners have been proved to be high-quality products, thus making their price skyrocket. Also, the cooling and heating capabilities of a given air conditioner impact their price tags.


Roof-mounted air conditioners generate compelling results compared to any other type of air conditioner. However, the system only generates the required results when the user follows instructions and ensures the unit is well installed and maintained.

This article has numerous insights to help you manage roof-mounted air conditioners; hence buying the right one for your home will be a breeze. Try any of the above products and let us know your experience.

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