Heil Furnace Replacement Parts Guide

Heil Furnace Replacement Parts Guide

Some furnaces can last a lifetime without ever breaking down, but if you’re not lucky enough, you’ll be forced to look for replacement parts. In this Heil furnace replacement parts guide, we’re going to supply you with the information you need to get your Heil gas furnace up and running in no time.

Currently, there are more than ten Heil gas furnace models on the market, but the overall number of these furnaces is much larger once you factor in the models released five or ten years ago.

These furnaces are durable and reliable, so if you’re looking for a replacement part, the chances are that your furnace is more than five years old.

You should keep in mind that all replacement parts fit on particular gas furnace models, and you must check which Heil furnace model you have before you can start looking for replacement parts. Please go through our guide to furnace types to learn more about how these heating systems work.

Heil brand overview

Heil HVAC company manufactures a wide range of cooling and heating products for residential and commercial use. The Heil HVAC is a division of the United Technologies conglomerate that also owns Carrier, Bryant, or Arcoaire brands.

Its product lineup is different from Carrier or Bryant’s. Instead, it resembles more the product lineups of Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, or Tempstar brands.

Consequently, Heil furnace replacement parts are often compatible with furnaces manufactured by either of these brands. Still, they can’t be used with furnaces produced by Bryant or Carrier.

Heil HVAC has service centers throughout the United States, and you should get in touch with a licensed contractor in case one or more components of your Heil furnace have stopped working. However, you shouldn’t attempt to detect the root of the problem or search for replacement parts on your own.

Instead, a technician should recommend a suitable solution for your Heil furnace. Browse through our HVAC certification guide if you’d like to become an HVAC technician.

Heil gas and oil furnace models

QuietComfort 96 Gas Furnace

You won’t be able to find a suitable replacement part unless you know which type and model of Heil furnace you have. The brand manufactures several different series of oil and gas furnaces that have different sets of features.

Heil’s gas furnaces can belong to one of the following series:

  • Performance – Single-stage models from this series can have 80%, 95%, or 96% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings. They’re less expensive than gas furnaces from the brand’s other series.
  • QuietComfort – There are only two models in this series, and you can choose between 80% and 96% AFUE options. Both models have two heat output levels.
  • Ion™ – High fuel efficiency ratings, two-stage operation, and variable speed motors are some of the key characteristics of gas furnaces from the Heil’s Ion™ series. Also, all models are WiFi-enabled, and you can control them from a Smartphone.

Oil furnaces produced by this brand come from either the QuietComfort or Performance series. Their maximum AFUE rating is 87.5% which makes them less energy efficient than Heil’s gas furnaces.

Read our boiler vs. furnace comparison if you want to learn more about the differences between these heating appliances.

Getting familiar with gas furnace parts

Getting familiar with gas furnace parts

Having the basic knowledge of gas furnace components and their importance for your home’s heating system will make the search for their replacements easier. Most furnaces have the same components, so let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

  • Heat exchanger – This component separates toxic gases generated by gas combustion from the air blown into a home. Heil offers a limited lifetime warranty for this component on all of its gas furnace models, so it is improbable that you’ll have to search for a replacement part for this component. Check out our guide to the best furnace heat exchangers for more information about this part.
  • Pilot and igniter lights – The sole purpose of pilot and igniter lights is to supply a heat source to ignite the gas. Older furnaces are usually equipped with pilot lights, while more recent models utilize hot surface igniter mechanisms.
  • Gas valves – This valve controls the gas inflow into the furnace, and it is in charge of regulating the gas pressure. Go through our guide to the best furnace gas valves to learn more about the properties of this component.
  • Burners – Burners work with a pilot or an igniter light to create the flame that serves as the furnace’s heat source.
  • Furnace blower motor –In case this part fails, your furnace won’t be able to move the hot air through vents. Browse through our guide to the best furnace blowers if you need more information about this furnace part.
  • Blower motor capacitor – This component supplies the power to the blower motor. It ensures that the motor runs at a constant speed.
  • Draft inducer motor – Forcing toxic gases into a furnace exhaust pipe without the draft inducer motor is impossible. Hence, you won’t be able to use your Heil furnace if this component breaks down.
  • Limit switch The limit or rollout switch is a built-in safety feature that shuts down the furnace if the flame leaves the combustion chamber. You should go through our guide to the best rollout switches if you want to find out how this furnace component works.

Warranty coverage

Warranty coverage

Depending on the model, a Heil furnace can be under warranty for five to twenty years. In addition, some of the brand’s models come with a limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger and a 5 or 10-year warranty for all other parts of the system.

You shouldn’t search for replacement parts on your own if your furnace is still under warranty. Instead, you need to contact one of Heil’s service centers and inquire about the steps you need to take to have your furnace repaired

It is worth noting that these warranties don’t protect the furnace under all circumstances, and you might not be able to replace a blower motor or a flame sensor if the part failed due to negligence or infrequent maintenance.

Read our guide to the best HVAC thermostat systems to find out how you can use them to control the temperature in your home.

The most important factors to consider while searching for a Heil furnace replacement part

Once you determine the reason why your Heil furnace has stopped functioning, finding a replacement part shouldn’t be too difficult. A technician who diagnosed the problem should also advise you on finding the best replacement for the faulty part.

Even with the technician’s recommendation, knowing which aspects to consider can help you find a suitable replacement part for your Heil furnace. We’ve shortlisted some of the most critical factors that can assist you during the selection process.

Part compatibility

Identifying the model number of the faulty part can be challenging since this number isn’t always listed in the product’s manual. That’s why the easiest way to determine which parts you can use with a specific furnace model is to find out the furnace’s model number.

Retrieving the model number of the original part you’re trying to replace is also useful, but you might not be able to do that until the part is removed from the furnace.

OEM vs. aftermarket options

OEM vs. aftermarket options

Replacement parts recommended by Heil are usually more expensive than aftermarket parts. Therefore, opting for an OEM part is always a good decision because you will get the manufacturer’s reliable product.

On the other hand, an aftermarket part will lower your expenses, but it might not be as durable as an OEM part.

Part durability

Taking the time to read the experiences other Heil furnace owners had with a specific replacement part can help you figure out if a better option is available. OEM parts can last for years, so you won’t have to replace the same component more than once in most cases.

Also, you should only purchase Heil furnace replacement parts from reliable sources.

Evaluate the repair cost

A Heil furnace replacement part can cost anywhere between $5 and $300. You should hire a technician to install a new component for you to avoid damaging the furnace. However, doing so will increase your costs for an additional $300 to $1,200.

So, in some cases buying a new furnace is a more affordable solution than repairing an old one. That’s why it’s paramount to consult with an HVAC technician before you start searching for replacement parts you can install on a Heil furnace.

Heil replacement part list

The replacement parts on this list aren’t compatible with all Heil furnace models, so you need to check if they can replace the original blower motor or gas burner on your furnace.

Moreover, this list doesn’t include all Heil furnace replacement parts. If you need a furnace relay or a blower fan, you should check one of the websites that offer OEM parts for the brand’s furnaces.

Heil furnace draft inducer motor 1013833

This is a genuine OEM part that comes with all the components you need to replace the furnace’s original draft inducer motor. However, the part isn’t universal, and you must check if it is compatible with the Heil furnace model you’d like to repair.

Besides Heil furnaces, this component is compatible with furnaces produced by Arcoaire, Tempstar, or Comfortmaker.

Heil Furnace Draft Inducer Motor 1013833 | Amazon

ICP Furnace Draft Inducer / Exhaust Vent Venter Motor OEM Replacement.

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Heil furnace flame rollout limit switch 1013102

A faulty rollout switch can cause a lot of damage to a furnace. Part number 1013102 enables you to solve the issues caused by a defective flame rollout switch without having to spend a lot of money.

The model’s temperature rating is set at 300F, and you won’t be able to use it on furnaces compatible with rollout switches with a 250F temperature limit.

Heil Furnace Flame Rollout Limit Switch 1013102 | Amazon

International Comfort Products. Replacement Components Division, Factory Authorized Parts, HH 680 348, Limit, Flame Rollout, Carrier Corporation, 36TX16, 6796, L300F, 1013102, A1428.

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Heil furnace control board 1170063

You won’t be able to switch on your furnace if its control board has failed. This part controls the gas valve, igniter, blower motor, and other key components of gas furnaces. Depending on the model, installing this replacement part can cost between $200 and $600.

Read also: How to Find the Best Furnace Control Boards.

Heil Furnace Control Circuit Board Panel 1170063 | Amazon

This is a Brand New OEM Upgraded Furnace Control Board. The control board is the brain of the furnace.

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Heil furnace igniter 1009524

A furnace igniter can last for up to 7 years, which means that you’ll have to replace this part at least once when you’re using a Heil furnace. This 24V igniter has a 1800F temperature rating, and it is compatible with furnaces and packaged units manufactured by Heil, Tempstar, ICP, and Comfortmaker brands.

Heil Furnace Igniter 1009524 | Amazon

This is a brand new Heil OEM replacement furnace igniter.

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Heil furnace pressure switch 1013802

Pressure Switch - 1013802 | Fast Shipping - Repair Clinic

A pressure switch is a safety feature designed to turn off the furnace in case it detects the negative pressure created by the draft inducer motor. If this switch malfunctions, your furnace will enter the safe mode and start pushing the cold air through the vents. This replacement part has a 90+ single port.

Heil OEM Furnace Replacement Air Pressure Switch 1013802 | Amazon

This is a brand new OEM replacement air pressure switch.

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Heil furnace run capacitor 1186823

Run Capacitor - 1186823 | Fast Shipping - Repair Clinic

The furnace’s fan motor won’t have access to power if the run capacitor breaks down. Detecting signs of a bad run capacitor is relatively easy because the furnace is going to be louder than usual if this part fails.

Also, a faulty run capacitor can damage a blower motor because it will force the part to run slower and hotter. The capacity of the 1186812 replacement run capacitor is 70 microfarads.

Heil furnace blower motor 1009052

Heil furnace blower motor 1009052

Debris, dirt, and humidity accumulation are some of the most common reasons why furnace blower motors stop working. In most cases, replacing this part isn’t difficult, although you might have to spend up to $900 to purchase and install an OEM part. The 1009052 Heil furnace motor has 1/2HP, and it runs at 115V and 60Hz.

Heil Furnace Blower Motor 1009052 | Amazon

1009052 Tempstar OEM Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP 115 Volt replacement part.

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Heil furnace transformer 1011626

Transformer - 1011626 | Fast Shipping - Repair Clinic

This part adjusts the AC voltage to the system’s requirements. Figuring out that this part is faulty is relatively easy because the furnace won’t receive any power after switching it on.

You may also notice humming sounds coming out of the furnace if this part stops working. The 1011626 furnace transformer is a genuine OEM part that can last for at least several heating seasons.

Heil Furnace Transformer | Amazon

This is a Heil OEM furnace replacement transformer part number 1011626.

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Heil furnace pilot 1011483

This replacement part comes with a furnace pilot and a spark igniter. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t offer the list of all furnace models compatible with this part, so you must double-check if you can install it on your Heil furnace.

This OEM furnace pilot is also compatible with models produced by Arcoaire, ICP, or Tempstar.

Heil furnace gas burner 1008725

Although they are not among furnace parts that break down often, gas burners can be damaged by dirt, rust, or lose connection to the gas line. In addition, your furnace won’t be able to generate enough heat to switch on the blower motor if the gas burner is faulty. As a result, it will stop producing hot air.

Replacing this part requires a high skill level, so you shouldn’t attempt to install a new gas burner by yourself.

Heil Furnace Gas Burner 1008725 | Amazon

Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts! This burner (part number 1008725) is for furnaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heil Furnace Replacement Parts

Question: What to do if the same part of the Heil furnace keeps failing?

Answer: A recurring problem with the same Heil furnace replacement part is usually an indicator that some other system’s component isn’t working properly. In some cases, recurring issues might mean that you have to replace the furnace.

Question: Do Heil furnace replacement parts have warranties?

Answer: Yes, they do. Most Heil furnace replacement parts come with a 1-year warranty.

Question: Should I install a Heil furnace replacement part on my own?

Answer: Although some Heil furnace owners install replacement parts by themselves, you shouldn’t do so unless you have the necessary skills, tools, and experience.

Question: How often do Heil furnace parts fail?

Answer: Components like furnace pilots or gas burners tend to wear out quickly, while blower motors and heat exchangers usually fail because of poor maintenance.

Final thoughts

Replacement parts for Heil furnaces are available at online or brick-and-mortar stores that sell HVAC equipment. Knowing the furnace’s and part’s model number will simplify the search for a compatible part that fits your heating system.

The amount of money you’ll have to spend on a replacement part depends on the component you’d like to replace since a new furnace igniter can cost less than $20, while a blower motor can cost more than $300.

We hope that this Heil furnace replacement parts guide has helped you find a good replacement for the furnace’s original part. Let us know in the comments, or continue reading our guide to the best types of furnace cement to find out how you can use them to repair a gas furnace.

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