Best Flame Rollout Switch

How to Find the Best Flame Rollout Switch

Safety must be your top priority if you decide to heat your home with a gas furnace, as the temperature in these heating systems can exceed 200 F. Getting the best flame rollout switch will prolong the furnace’s lifespan and ensure that its components are protected from open flame.

Flame rollout switches are built-in components on all types of gas furnaces, so the only reason to get a new one is if the original part breaks down. However, finding a replacement can get complicated as you need to find a compatible part with your furnace.

So, in this guide, we’re going to help you understand the importance of flame rollout switches for your home heating system and assist you in finding a suitable replacement part. Read our guide to the best furnace blowers if you need to replace this component of your HVAC system.

At a Glance – The 5 Best Flame Rollout Switches

Model Temperature rating  Furnace compatibility  Price range 
Carrier HH18HA452 250 F Bryant, Payne, Carrier $
York 02634027000 300 F Coleman Evcon and Coleman $$
ICP 1013102 300 F Tempstar, Comfortmaker, Day & Night $
Nordyne 626605 250 F Goodman $$
White Rodgers 3L12 240F Emerson $

Selection criteria

Compatibility is a limiting factor in terms of which flame rollout switches you can install on your gas furnace. The switch you choose needs to be manufactured for a particular furnace model, as you won’t be able to install it if it’s too big or too small to fit in the place of a previous switch.

The search parameters we utilized while selecting flame rollout switches for this article have enabled us to include models that are compatible with a wide range of gas furnaces. Let’s take a look at the criteria we used to pick the flame rollout switches.

  • Versatility – All models you can find in this article are compatible with more than one furnace. However, you still need to check if they are compatible with your furnace.
  • Temperature rating – The replacement and the original part must have the same temperature ratings. Our selection of flame rollout switches includes models that have cut-off temperatures in the range between 240F and 300F.

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What is a flame rollout?

To understand why a simple switch is so important for the normal functioning of your furnace, you first need to grasp the concept of a flame rollout.

Burners in the combustion chamber ignite the gas that powers a furnace, and if the system is functioning normally, flames remain confined within the walls of this chamber.

The accumulation of inflammable gasses denies the flames access to oxygen which causes them to rise higher. Eventually, the flames roll out from the combustion chamber and contact surrounding parts of the furnace.

Exposure to high temperatures can damage the components or set them on fire and ultimately destroy the furnace. In addition, a flame rollout is often accompanied by increased levels of carbon monoxide that is released from the furnace into the air, which can endanger your safety.

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The role of flame rollout switch

A flame rollout switch is essentially a safety switch that turns off the furnace as soon as it detects temperatures higher than the furnace’s temperature rating. The shut-off temperature depends on the furnace model, and it varies from 250F to 350F.

This switch is usually located near the burner so that it can detect a sudden temperature increase quickly. These devices are connected to the furnace’s power supply, and once they go off, the entire heating system shuts down.

In some cases, a temperature limit switch activates the unit’s blower in an attempt to lower the temperature in the combustion chamber until the power supply is cut off. Flame rollout switches have a simple design consisting of two metal strips with equal lengths and a reset button on the outer end.

However, you should keep in mind that flame rollout switches are not universal and they only work with specific furnace models. Read our guide to the best propane conversion kits if you want to stop using natural gas to power your furnace.

Symptoms of a flame rollout

The accumulation of inflammable gases in the combustion chamber can occur for several reasons. Infrequent maintenance of the furnace and malfunctioning components are the most common causes of flame rollouts.

  • Soot accumulation – Incomplete combustion of propane and natural gas results in soot accumulation in the combustion chamber. Over time, soot build-up can block the gasses from leaving this chamber and cause the flame rollout.
  • Blocked flue pipe – Poisonous and harmful gases produced during the combustion process are removed from the furnace through the so-called exhaust flue or the flue pipe. If this pipe is blocked, these gases have nowhere to go, and they cause the flames in the combustion chamber to rise higher.
  • Cracked heat exchanger – Overheating of the heat exchanger causes this part to crack prematurely. As a result, the positive pressure air generated by the blower lowers the draft volume and raises the flames above their normal level.

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Resetting the flame rollout switch

You just have to push the red button on the flame rollout switch to reset it and restart your furnace. Leave the furnace off for at least 30 minutes before trying to reset its flame rollout switch, and you shouldn’t attempt to perform this task more than three times in a row.

A tripped rollout switch is usually a symptom of a serious problem, and you shouldn’t try to reset it unless you’re sure that it is safe to switch the furnace on. Ideally, an HVAC technician should inspect your furnace before you start using it again.

Also, it is possible to bypass a flame rollout switch, but doing this is potentially dangerous because you’ll dismantle the safety mechanism that protects the heating system from damage. Go through our guide to fireplace systems to explore different fireplace options for your home.

Installing a new flame rollout switch

You shouldn’t attempt to change the flame rollout switch by yourself because any misstep during this process can compromise the safety of the entire heating system.

In fact, you should only start searching for a replacement if the HVAC technician who inspected the furnace determined that the flame rollout switch is faulty. Also, once a new switch is installed, it is paramount to check if the furnace is working properly by conducting a test run.

Keep in mind that replacing an old flame rollout switch isn’t going to solve the issues that cause the switch to trip, so to ensure the normal functioning of your furnace, you must check if all of its components are operational.

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The most important factors to consider while searching for a replacement flame rollout switch

The flame rollout switch selection process can get complicated even though you won’t have a wide range of options at your disposal. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the switch you choose can work with the furnace you have.

These furnace parts are easily accessible, and you can find them in a local HVAC store or online. Let’s go through some of the important factors you need to consider while searching for a new flame rollout switch.

Furnace compatibility

Checking the part number of the flame rollout switch is the first thing you need to do once you determine that you have to replace this component. This will enable you to find a model that is compatible with your furnace.

Also, you shouldn’t confuse a limit switch with a flame rollout switch because these two switches have different functions. Consulting with an HVAC technician is the best way to make sure that you know which part you should get.

Temperature rating

Installing a flame rollout switch that has a lower or higher temperature rating than the one you’re replacing isn’t possible. Hence, the part you buy needs to have the same temperature rating as the factory part.

The temperature rating of these components spans from 200 F to 350 F depending on the furnace model, and it indicates the maximum temperature at which the switch is going to cut off the furnace’s power supply.

The durability of the components

If a furnace is properly maintained, these switches will never be in use, so a flame rollout switch can remain in perfect condition throughout the furnace’s life cycle.

If you need to replace this switch, you should look for an OEM model built from durable materials that won’t be affected by exposure to high temperatures.

Installation requirements

Changing a flame rollout switch involves working with electricity and highly flammable gasses. That’s why you shouldn’t attempt to go through this process alone unless you know how to cut the furnace’s gas and electricity supplies.

The installation process of these switches isn’t overly complicated, and you only need basic tools like a screwdriver and an ohmmeter to complete it. Nonetheless, the safest course of action is to hire an HVAC technician to install a new flame rollout switch for you.

Price considerations

You won’t have to spend more than $20 to get a new flame rollout switch. However, the costs of installing this switch can be significantly higher, and you may have to spend more than $100 to repair your furnace.

Optionally, you can purchase a package that includes several flame rollout switches and get a backup for the switch you’re going to install on the furnace.

The advantages of flame rollout switches

Protection of the furnace’s components

Using a furnace without a flame rollout switch isn’t safe. Besides preventing the wires and other components from catching fire, these switches also ensure that noxious gases can’t reach the air in your home.


A tripped flame rollout switch is certainly a reason for concern, but luckily, these switches can remain functional even if you have to reset them. In fact, issues with these switches only occur because of the prolonged negligence of the furnace.

Affordable price

You won’t have to spend a lot of money to get a new flame rollout switch since some models cost less than $10. Moreover, finding a replacement part won’t take too much time if you know the model number of the original part.

The disadvantages of flame rollout switches

Replacing the flame rollout switch won’t necessarily fix your furnace

You must deal with the issues that cause a flame rollout switch to trip in order to ensure that you can continue using your furnace.

So, in case that a cracked heat exchanger is the root of the problem, you’ll have to replace this part together with the flame rollout switch before you can start using the furnace again.

Top 5 flame rollout switches

Carrier HH18HA452 – The best flame rollout switch for Bryant and Carrier furnaces

You can use the Carrier HH18HA452 to replace flame rollout switches on Payne, Bryant, and Carrier gas furnaces. However, it is worth noting that this part isn’t compatible with all furnaces manufactured by these brands, and you must check if you can use it with the furnace you’re trying to repair.

The part’s dimensions are 7 x 9 x 3 inches, while its cut-off temperature rating is set at 250F. Keep in mind that you can only reset the Carrier HH18HA452 manually because it doesn’t have the automatic reset option.


  • Compatible with furnaces made by different brands
  • 250 F temperature rating
  • Made from high-quality components
  • Inexpensive


  • You must reset the switch manually
  • It might not fit on all Carrier furnaces

York 02634027000 – The best flame rollout switch for Coleman furnaces

You can replace a flame rollout switch on Coleman and Coleman Evcon furnaces with the York 02634027000. Keep in mind that this is a manual switch, and it won’t reset automatically after tripping.

The part’s dimensions are 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 inches, while its cut-off temperature is set to 300F. This part requires professional installation, and you shouldn’t attempt to install it by yourself. However, York’s flame rollout switch is affordable, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get it.


  • Durable construction
  • Great OEM part for Coleman and Coleman Evcon furnaces
  • High cut off temperature
  • Affordable


  • Warranty details aren’t easily obtainable
  • Complicated installation process

ICP 1013102 – The most versatile flame rollout switch

Furnaces manufactured by Comfortmaker, Tempstar, or Heil are compatible with the ICP 1013102 flame rollout switch. This OEM part is compatible with more than a hundred furnaces, and chances are you’ll be able to use it if you own a furnace produced by one of the brands we mentioned.

The ICP’s model shuts a furnace down automatically once the temperature inside the combustion chamber reaches 300F. This is a manual switch, and you cannot restart it automatically. Purchasing this component without an HVAC license might be difficult.


  • Compatible with a large number of furnaces
  • 300F cut off temperature rating
  • Made from sturdy materials
  • 1-year warranty


  • More expensive than most flame rollout switches
  • This part must be installed by an HVAC professional

Nordyne 626605 – The best flame rollout switch for Goodman furnaces

If you need a new flame rollout switch for a Goodman furnace, the Nordyne 626605 might be the right choice for you. Even so, this OEM part isn’t compatible with all brand’s furnaces, and you need to check if it’s compatible with your furnace.

Its cut-off temperature rating is set to 250F, while its dimensions are 6.25 x 4.0 x 1 inch. Unfortunately, the switch doesn’t reset automatically after it is tripped, and you must reset it manually once you determine it is safe to turn the furnace back on.


  • Replacement part for Goodman furnaces
  • 250F temperature rating
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Low price


  • Checking the part’s furnace compatibility is difficult
  • Short warranty period

White Rodgers 3L12 – The best flame rollout switch for Emerson furnaces

Besides gas furnaces, the White Rodgers 3L12 can be used with unit heaters and rooftop appliances manufactured by Emerson. Its cut-off temperature is lower than on most flame rollout switches because it’s designed to switch off a furnace once the temperature reaches 240F.

This part has a stainless steel mounting bracket, and its dimension is 0.75 x 5 x 8 inches. This switch is RoHS certified, which guarantees that it doesn’t contain hazardous substances. Finding out if the White Rodgers 3L12 is compatible with your furnace might be challenging.


  • More affordable than most flame rollout switches
  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Excellent replacement part for Emerson furnaces
  • Manual reset


  • Warranty information isn’t easily available
  • Low cut off temperature

Frequently Asked Questions about Flame Rollout Switches

Question: How often do I have to replace a flame rollout switch?

Answer: These furnace parts are very durable and can last as long as the furnace.

Question: Do flame rollout switches have warranties?

Answer: Some but not all flame rollout switches have warranties, and you have to get in touch with the part’s manufacturer to find out what the warranty covers.

Question: Can regular maintenance checks prevent the flame rollout switch failure?

Answer: Yes, servicing your furnace at least once per year will lower the chances of flame rollout switch failure.

Question: How to know if a flame rollout switch is compatible with your furnace?

Answer: Finding the information about the part’s compatibility with different furnaces can be difficult because manufacturers don’t always include the list of compatible furnaces in the product’s description.

So, the best option is to consult with an HVAC professional to check if you can use a particular model with your furnace.

Our Verdict: How to Pick the Best Flame Rollout Switch For Your Furnace?

Using a gas furnace without a flame rollout switch isn’t safe because there is nothing protecting it from overheating. These safety switches are designed to work with particular furnace models, so you should search for a flame rollout switch that is compatible with your furnace rather than the best one.

Checking the part number of the furnace’s original flame rollout switch is the easiest way to find out which replacement option is the best for you. We recommend the ICP 1013102 because it is compatible with a wide range of furnaces manufactured by brands like Comfortmaker or Tempstar.

A model like the Carrier HH18HA452 can be a good option for you if you have a Bryant or Carrier furnace. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the best flame rollout switch for your furnace.

Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best 5-ton heat pumps; if you need a cooling system, you can connect to your gas furnace.

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