Casement Window Air Conditioner Guide

Casement Window Air Conditioner Guide: Which Model Suits Your Home Best?

Everybody is on the lookout for a better way of keeping their home fresh and relaxed throughout the year. A casement window air conditioner is one of the best air conditioners available in the market that can help you accomplish this goal.

But what does a casement window refer to? It is a type of window that operates on a hinge. Instead of sliding through a sash, the window navigates through a casement during opening and closing.

Casement windows are more energy-efficient and soundproof than sliding windows. However, when it comes to window air conditioning, you need to find the best alternative that will work perfectly with the types of windows at home. At some point, you will realize that the central air at home is hot and the house is uncomfortable.

The sad news is that most window-based air conditioners are mainly for windows that open up and down. Very few window air conditioners are structured for sliding and casement windows.  However, there are high-quality window air conditioners that work well for casement windows. The only aspect you need to be more careful about is the installation process of the casement window air conditioner.

Most people tend to find the installation process complex. This article digs deep across all the installation process to help you get a detailed understanding of what is required. Read on to learn more;

Casement Window Air Conditioner Installation Basics

Even though the installation instructions might seem complex, the good news is that the assembly process is straightforward. The instructions may seem daunting, but the installation can be done with no hassles. There are certain basics you need to understand for the installation process to be simple. These include the following;

Install the Casement Window Air Conditioner from Inside the House

To make the installation process more manageable, you need to install the entire unit from inside the house. Besides, you need to use a screw on the side of your home. This should be approximately one foot from below the level of the windowsill. It should be noted that you will install the screw while standing outside the home.

Remember that when you lean over the window while inside, you will be at risk, and you won’t be in a position to place the hole perfectly as required. Also, it would be best if you only did this while standing on a reliable ladder from the outside.

The Window and a Platform Assembly support the Air Conditioner Unit

Note that the casement window air conditioner requires a redundant support system to work well. The part that remains outside the window is supported by a metal brace referred to as platform assembly. The platform assembly is installed on the house siding to make the unit strong. The front side of the unit is supported by a wood base that you create using your materials placed on the windowsill.

The unit then clears the lower edge of the window but only barely. Also, the greater the clearance, the more space to fill increases.

Close the Top Gap with Particleboard or Plastic

After installing the window air conditioner, you will realize a sizeable gap at the top of the unit. Also, this is where the main difference between a casement window air conditioner and a slider air conditioner comes in. The slider window air conditioner has an accordion plastic cover that is extended from the side. On the other hand, a casement does not have any extension.

Note that some air conditioning units always come with a thin plastic board used to fill the area. If you get it hard to acquire the thin plastics, get a rigid plastic sheeting or thick particleboard readily available at your local home and improvement store.

Safety Considerations

The casement window air conditioners are extremely heavy. Apart from being heavyweight, they are unwieldy and complicated to grasp. This means that you need an assistant to help you lift the unit over the window and hold it in the required position during the installation process.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Casement Window Air Conditioner

Window AC

Before acquiring a window air conditioner, you need to prioritize certain aspects. Let’s shed light on some of these crucial features.

Energy Efficiency

The right casement window air conditioner for you should be highly effective. This begins with the cost of the appliance and the general operational charges. When gauging the energy efficiency of a window air conditioner unit, you need to focus on a couple of features.

The Energy Efficiency Ratio is also known as EER. It tells you the amount of BTUs the air conditioner unit uses per watt of power. Note that the higher the EER, the more the efficiency.

The Energy Star Rate is also another essential feature to consider when it comes to energy efficiency. The appliances with this label use 10% less energy than other appliances in the market.

The Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity should always be your consideration when purchasing a casement window air conditioner. The unit’s cooling power is detected by a unique measurement system known as British Thermal Unit (BTUs). The cooling capacity of the unit is measured on an hourly basis.

To get a good air conditioner unit, you need to choose a BTU level that fits your space. Going for a window air conditioner unit with a smaller BTU power level will consume a lot of energy to cool an ample space. It will significantly impact your energy budget.


Casement window air conditioners require regular maintenance for them to work perfectly. The unit can be vulnerable to debris and outdoor from the outside. The dirt can accumulate inside the unit or behind the air conditioner, resulting in technical complications. To ensure that your unit is in excellent working condition, you should clean it thoroughly at least once per year.

Getting a window air conditioner with a slide-out chassis makes the cleaning task easy since all you do is slide the unit out anytime you want to clean. Note that most air filters are washable, although it is crucial to check the maintenance tips for your model.

The Best Casement Window Air Conditioners in the Market

Among the available window air conditioner models in the market, the casement window air conditioner is the most recommended due to buyers’ good customer reviews.

They can serve you for a long time as long as you carry out the necessary maintenance procedures. The casement air conditioner unit is also cost-effective since you will not have to dig deep into your financial savings. Let’s go deeper and discuss the best casement window air conditioners. This list is based on the customer reviews and low maintenance needed. Read on;

Arctic King 8,000 BTU Slide Casement Window AC

Arctic King 8,000 BTU Slide Casement Window AC

This Arctic King casement window air conditioner delivers 8,000BTUs of cooling every hour. The unit has an auto-restart mode that turns on in case the power fluctuates. When the system restarts, it gets back to the same thermostat setting that was initially running. Also, the unit has different operational modes that you have to choose from.

When you opt for the Follow Me Mode, the air conditioner will use a temperature where only you and the nearby surrounding will determine the rate of cooling it has put in. This AC model has a width of 14.6 inches, with a fully functioning remote control. It also has sleep mode settings, a single-speed fan and goes for $379.18.


  •  It is Energy Star rated.
  •  It has a positive rating of over 80%.
  •  It is suitable for a compact window user.


  •  The single-speed fan does not allow gentle and quieter cooling.
  •  It is cumbersome.
  •  It does not come with a timer.

Keystone 10, 000BTU Casement Window AC

Keystone 10, 000BTU Casement Window AC

Keystone is one of the fastest-growing casement window AC brands in the market. This brand is growing at a fast rate due to the quality of the products it produces. Most appliances from these brands are relatively cheap and durable. They also come with exceptional ratings from consumers, making them dominant in the market.

Are you looking for the latest brand of casement window air conditioner? Keystone 10, 000BTU has all your needs covered. It has a width of 14.57 inches, together with three fan speeds. It also has a remote with a series of automated features together with a dirt notification program. It goes at an estimated price of $529.99.


  • It has a 90% positive rating.
  •  It has numerous smart features.
  • It is energy efficient.
  •  It can cool air in an ample space within the shortest time possible.


  •  It easily gets damaged during the shipping process.
  •  It is cumbersome.
  •  High cost of maintenance.

Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10,000BTU Casement Window AC

Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10,000BTU Casement Window AC

This casement window air conditioner comes with numerous conveniences that make it one of the best units in the market. It also has comfort features such as a 24-hour timer that helps turn a program on when the unit runs.

This allows you to leave home when the unit is off, but it turns on and cools the room before you arrive once you have programmed it. This helps you to reduce the rate of energy consumption and also create a relaxed environment.

The unit has a width of 14.5 inches with a three-speed fan that comes with automatic settings. It also has a cooling fan and energy-saving mode settings. It goes for $459.95.


  •  It has exceptional climate control features.
  •  It has 80% positive reviews.
  •  It comes with a 24-hour timer.
  •  It is energy efficient.


  • The maintenance cost is relatively high.

Koldfront CAC10000W 10000BTU 115V Casement Air Conditioner

Koldfront CAC10000W 10000BTU 115V Casement Air Conditioner

This casement window air conditioner comes with a dehumidifier that is very useful during cool and damp days. It takes the responsibility of eliminating the dampness out of the air leaving the room comfortable regardless of the weather. It is highly recommended in cool and damp areas, especially the fall weather experienced during winter.

It has a width of 14.5 inches with a digital AC display used to detect accurate temperature measurements. It comes with three fans for faster cooling. The unit goes at an approximated price of $539.


  •  It has positive reviews of over 90%.
  •  Energy-efficient.
  •  It has numerous smart features.


  •  It is not easily found.

PerfectAire 3PASC10000 Casement Window AC

PerfectAire 3PASC10000 Casement Window AC

This casement window air conditioner comes with numerous advanced features to give you total comfort. It comes with a separate thermostat with a Follow Me Mode. It also has the AC mode, which detects and lowers the temperature. The unit has an auto-restart system with a width of 14.5 inches. The appliance goes for $449.95.


  • It has an AC system that lowers the temperature.
  •  It has numerous advanced features.
  •  It is energy efficient.
  • It is affordable.


  • It produces a lot of noise.


Question: What Type of Air Conditioner is Required for a Casement Window?

Answer: This primarily depends on the size of the space that needs to be cooled. For example, if you have an area of 300 square feet, you need an air conditioner with 8,000BTU. Also, a unit with 10,000BTUs can work perfectly for you.

Question: What is the Casement for a Window?

Answer: A casement window operates hinges at the sides, and they open outward either to the left or right. It is also known as a crank window because it opens with a cranks handle. Note that these types of windows are used in places where maximum ventilation is a necessity.

Question: Are Casement Windows a Good Option?

Answer: These windows are suitable for places where maximum security and ventilation are fundamental. They are commonly used in the kitchen since they are cranked to open instead of those that slide up and down.

Casement Window Air Conditioner Guide: Final Verdict!

Understanding the kind of casement window air conditioner that fits your home needs is crucial. However, there are numerous brands of and models of window air conditioners in the market.

Among the above-listed models, Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10,000BTUs is the best model on the market. This is due to its numerous innovative features. The appliance is also affordable and easily found. Try it today and let us know your experience.

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