Best Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Best Helicopter Ceiling Fan Ideas and Picks

We don’t often think of ceiling fans as decorative elements that can make our living space more cheerful, as we’re primarily concerned with their functionality. However, the best helicopter ceiling fans can add an extra layer of decoration to any room while still providing instant cooling.

These fans match a broad range of home décor styles and can be paired with contemporary or mid-century modern furniture. Even so, they’re probably the best fit for kid’s rooms.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best helicopter ceiling fan ideas and assist you in choosing the model that matches the rest of the furniture in your home.

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At a Glance – The 5 Best Helicopter Ceiling Fans

Model  Light fixture  Control options  Price range
Progress Lighting P2570 No Remote controller $$$$
Biang Cartoon Helicopter Ceiling Fan Yes Remote controller $$$
Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan Yes Remote controller and Bluetooth $$$$
Helicopter Ceiling Fan Decal No None $
Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan No Pull chain $$

Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The lovely helicopter-style CHANFOK ceiling fan is a great design that combines the function of light and fan. It’s also a great product that can enhance kids’ interest in science and imagination of space.

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Selection criteria

The market for these ceiling fans is very narrow, and you won’t have a lot of options at your disposal. Only a handful of brands manufactures helicopter-shaped ceiling fans, so a DIY approach might be a better option for you if you’re searching for a specific type of helicopter.

We’ve combed the internet in search of the best helicopter ceiling fans using the following selection criteria:

  • Mounting method – Our selection includes both flush and downrod mount options so that you can choose the mounting method that will allow you to create enough separation between the floor and the fan’s blades.
  • Lighting options – Choosing a model that has an LED light fixture enables you to add another light source to a room. The ceiling fans featured in this article are powerful enough to illuminate spaces that have between 200sq/ft and 400sq/ft.
  • Style – The helicopter ceiling fans you’ll find in this article are designed in contemporary and modern styles, and you can use them in living rooms, kitchens, kid’s rooms, and all other spaces equipped with modern or contemporary furniture.

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What’s a helicopter ceiling fan?

Standard, dual motor, or industrial ceiling fans can all be turned in a helicopter ceiling fan. These units can be either shaped as helicopters or have a helicopter toy attached to them. The helicopter is an aesthetic label that doesn’t reveal much about the model’s cooling or lighting abilities.

Depending on the model, the blades can be positioned only a few inches away from the ceiling or at the distance that maximizes the airflow. The blade diameter varies from model to model, and you can opt for a fan that has a 14-inch, 36-inch, or any other standard blade diameter.

Note that units with large blades may not be a good choice for kid’s rooms, as they can create an injury risk while operating at high speeds. Helicopter ceiling fans come in different shapes and colors, which enables you to choose the option that matches the rest of the room.

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Building or buying helicopter ceiling fan

diy helicopter fan

Shopping for a helicopter ceiling fan can be frustrating since the available models might have limited airflow capacities. Moreover, finding a helicopter ceiling fan that fits your taste can be difficult because their color or design may not be right for the room where you want to install them.

Building a helicopter ceiling fan is your best option if you want to create a custom-made ceiling fan that fits the space perfectly. Also, choosing to make a helicopter fan enables you to use an already installed fan instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new model.

All you need to start your DIY project is a helicopter toy and a way to attach it to a ceiling fan. You can opt for a military apache, a police helicopter toy, or any other type of helicopter replica.

You should remove the bottom part of the ceiling fan and fasten it to the toy. Afterward, you just have to put these two parts together, and your project is completed. Go through our guide to the best window fans if you need an additional source of cooling in your home.

Motor and the number of blades

Like all other ceiling fans on the market, helicopter ceiling fans can either have an AC or DC motor.

  • AC motors – These motors receive power directly from the home’s electrical system. They’re durable, energy-efficient and ceiling fans equipped with these motors are less expensive than the models that use DC motors. Helicopter ceiling fans that feature an AC motor can operate at three or four different speeds.
  • DC motors – These motors generate considerably less noise than AC motors, and they usually have impressive power and torque outputs. Also, helicopter ceiling fans powered by DC motors offer a wide range of speeds, and they use 70% less energy than AC motors.

Helicopter ceiling fans have three or four blades, but this doesn’t affect their performance capabilities. Helicopters can have between two and seven blades, so opting for a ceiling fan that has three or four blades won’t ruin the illusion.

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Installation method

You can choose between two installation methods of helicopter ceiling fans, depending on the ceiling type you have.

  • Flush mount – Models that utilize the flush mount are suitable for rooms with low, vaulted, or sloped ceilings. Using this installation method will enable you to create more separation between the floor and the helicopter ceiling fan.
  • Downrod mount – You should only opt for a model that uses this installation method if the room in which the fan is going to be installed has a conventional ceiling higher than 8 feet. Downrod mount can be a poor fit for kid’s rooms with low ceilings because your children might reach the blades.

In case you decide to build a DIY helicopter ceiling fan, you must make sure that the installation kit can carry the weight of the replica you choose. Go through our guide to the best ceiling fan mounting brackets to find the model that can support the weight of the toy helicopter.

The most important factors to consider while choosing a helicopter ceiling fan

The DIY approach will grant you a greater variety of options since you’ll be able to choose a ceiling fan that is powerful enough to cool the entire room and get a helicopter replica you like.

The helicopter ceiling fans you can find on the market usually have a limited airflow capacity, and they can be visually underwhelming. We’ve shortlisted several factors that can help you find the helicopter ceiling fan that matches the room you want to cool.

The room’s style

These ceiling fans fit nicely into modernly furnished rooms, but some models draw a lot of attention to themselves with their unusual shape. That’s why you need to ensure that the fan isn’t too large for the room where it’s going to be placed.

Also, a helicopter ceiling fan may occupy a significant amount of space in the center of the room if it is installed too low, and you should opt for a flush mount model unless the ceiling is higher than 8 feet.

Maximum airflow capacity

The fan’s airflow volume depends on the diameter of its blades. Models with 14-inch blades can generate considerably less CFM of airflow than fans with a 50-inch blade diameter. Helicopter ceiling fans don’t have impressive airflow ratings since most models offer between 2000 and 4000 CFM of airflow.

This airflow output is sufficient to cool rooms smaller than 300sq.ft, which makes these fans a poor fit for most living rooms and other shared spaces in a home.

The durability of the fan’s components

Going through the fan’s specification list will help you determine how durable it is. For instance, models with plastic blades aren’t as sturdy as ceiling fans that have blades made of metal.

The quality of the mounting bracket, motor, and all other parts determines how long the fan is going to last. Units made from flimsy materials deteriorate quickly, and you need to replace them after a few years.

Weight and safety features

Wobbly and inadequately positions helicopter ceiling fans are potentially dangerous as they can fall unexpectedly or hit someone while operating at full speed if they’re too close to the floor.

Putting too much weight on a helicopter ceiling fan is another reason for concern since the junction box, and the mounting bracket may not be able to carry so much load. Also, you should make sure that the unit is properly wired to the electrical system in your home during the installation process.

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Budget limitations

Buying a helicopter ceiling fan will cost you between $200 and $300, depending on the model you choose. In case you want to build a helicopter ceiling fan, the project can end up being much more expensive since you have to purchase the helicopter replica and the ceiling fan.

You shouldn’t attempt to install a helicopter ceiling fan alone if you’re not familiar with this process because making a mistake might damage the fan and your home’s electrical installations. Hiring an electrician to install the fan for you will cost between $100 and $300.

The advantages of helicopter fans

A great addition to kid’s rooms

Installing a helicopter ceiling fan in the kid’s room might inspire your child to become a pilot, a soldier, or a rescue worker. In any case, it will fuel their imagination and provide them with another toy they can use to play while keeping their room cool at the same time.

Variable fan speed

All helicopter ceiling fans let you control their speed and adjust it to your needs. Models equipped with DC motors can have up to six speeds which enables you to increase their airflow volume gradually.

Low power consumption

Installing a helicopter ceiling fan in the kid’s room or any other room in your home won’t increase your monthly utility bill. The average cost of running a ceiling fan for one hour is just one cent, and most homeowners use these appliances for few hours per day.

The disadvantages of helicopter fans

Some helicopter ceiling fans can be loud.

Checking the noise level of these fans can be difficult because manufacturers don’t always include this information in the product description. Some models can generate more than 60dB of noise while operating at the maximum capacity, which makes them too loud for sleeping areas.

Top 5 helicopter ceiling fans

Progress Lighting P2570 – Best for DIY projects

Progress Lighting P2570

The Progress Lighting P2570 can be a great choice if you want to build a helicopter ceiling fan on your own. This model has just two 56-inch long blades made of ABS composite plastic that have graphite color, and it matches nicely with military-style choppers.

Its maximum airflow volume is 6746CFM, which means it is powerful enough to supply heating for 400sq/ft spaces. The DC motor doesn’t need a lot of power to rotate the blades at high speeds, and it generates low amounts of noise regardless of the current load.

You can use the remote to increase or decrease the fan’s speed or reverse the airflow direction.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Variable fan speed
  • Reasonable price
  • Elegant and modern design


  • Blades are made of plastic
  • Not an ideal option for low ceilings

Progress Lighting P2570-143 Protruding Mount | Amazon

The 56-inch Spades ceiling fan features a sleek contemporary two-blade design that is finished in Graphite with black blades. Spades feature a dual mount system, an energy-saving DC motor and ABS composite blades. A full-function remote control with batteries is included.

Buy at Amazon
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07/20/2024 05:22 am GMT

Biang Cartoon Helicopter Ceiling Fan – Best helicopter ceiling fan for kid’s rooms

Biang Cartoon Helicopter Ceiling Fan

A wide spectrum of applications enables you to use the Biang Cartoon Helicopter Ceiling Fan in kid’s rooms, classrooms, and numerous other spaces where children spend a lot of time. This helicopter-shaped fan uses the flash mount method that ensures sufficient separation from the floor.

You can operate this ceiling fan at different speeds or use its remote timer feature to set its runtime automatically. The stepless dimming technology lets you choose the warmth and brightness of the fan’s LED light and create different atmospheres in the room.


  • Quiet operation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easily adjustable light properties
  • Features a remote controller


  • Low airflow volume
  • High power consumption

Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan – The most stylish helicopter ceiling fan

It takes less than an hour to install the Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan, so you can start using it almost immediately after it arrives at your home. The unit has four blades made of high-density polyethylene lumber, and its blade diameter is 42 inches.

The fan can operate at six speeds, and it is powerful enough to cool a 360sq/ft room. Also, you can use the timer to program the fan to run continuously for 1 to 4 hours.

Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan has an LED light that is optimized for children, and you can switch between warm light, medium white, and cool white light tones.


  • An unusual shape and innovative design
  • Operates at six speeds
  • Wide coverage area
  • Dimmable LED light


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Expensive

Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The lovely helicopter-style CHANFOK ceiling fan is a great design that combines the function of light and fan. It’s also a great product that can enhance kids’ interest in science and imagination of space.

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Helicopter Ceiling Fan Decal – The least expensive helicopter ceiling fan option

Helicopter Ceiling Fan Decal

Instead of searching for a helicopter-shaped fan or figuring out how to attach a helicopter replica to a fan, you can try using the Helicopter Ceiling Fan Decal. This vinyl decal is available in a broad spectrum of colors, so you can choose the version that matches the color of your ceiling fan.

The self-adhesive decal creates the illusion of an upside-down chopper when positioned next to the fan. It is 40-inches long and 18 inches wide, so you need to make sure that it is proportionate to the fan you want to pair it with.


  • Minimal design
  • Variety of color options
  • Quick and easy application
  • Inexpensive


  • It doesn’t look as good as a helicopter-shaped ceiling fan
  • Not proportionate with all sizes of ceiling fans

Helicopter Ceiling Fan Decal ~ Fan or Light Accent ~ Wall Decal, 18" x 38"
Check Price
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07/20/2024 06:43 am GMT

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan – The best helicopter ceiling fan alternative

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan

Opting for the Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan might be a good option if you’re considering alternatives to helicopter ceiling fans. This airplane-shaped ceiling fan has a 48-inch blade diameter that makes it suitable for relatively large spaces.

You can reverse the fan’s airflow direction and choose from three blade speeds. Even though the motor doesn’t make a lot of noise, this Hunter Fan model is not the quietest option you have at your disposal. The flush mount method enables you to install the fan at a safe distance from the floor.


  • Blades resemble airplane propellers
  • Metal construction
  • Affordable price
  • Great fit for kids rooms


  • No light fixture
  • Pull chain controls

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan | Amazon

With its airplane design and propeller-shaped blades, the fantasy flyer kid`s ceiling fan adds a playful touch to kids' rooms. This indoor ceiling fan has a 48" blade span, making it perfect for small spaces needing cooling. The fantasy flyer features three speeds and WhisperWind. Motor technology to deliver quiet and powerful performance.

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Frequently asked questions about helicopter ceiling fans

Question: Do helicopter ceiling fans have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, they do, but if you choose to attach a helicopter replica to a ceiling fan, you might end up voiding the fan’s warranty.

Question: How long does it take to set up a helicopter ceiling fan?

Answer: The installation process of these fans shouldn’t take more than an hour, regardless of the model you choose.

Question: Can I install a helicopter ceiling fan outdoor?

Answer: No, unless the model you choose is rated for outdoor use.

Question: Are helicopter ceiling fans difficult to clean?

Answer: These fans attract a lot of dust, and you must clean them frequently. However, this task shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Our verdict: Which helicopter ceiling fan idea is the best?

The fondest childhood memories are often made of the simplest things. Installing a helicopter ceiling fan in your kid’s room may create such memories for your children.

Building a helicopter ceiling fan instead of buying one will allow you to unleash your creativity and choose which type of chopper and ceiling fan you want to pair.

However, if you don’t have the time for DIY projects, we recommend getting the Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan because it is stylish and powerful. Optionally, you can get the Biang Cartoon Helicopter Ceiling Fan if you want a fan with a flush mount.

Chanfok Helicopter Ceiling Fan | Amazon

The lovely helicopter-style CHANFOK ceiling fan is a great design that combines the function of light and fan. It’s also a great product that can enhance kids’ interest in science and imagination of space.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Which helicopter ceiling fan idea do you like the most? Let us know in the comments, or continue reading our guide to best bladeless ceiling fans or guide to humidity control systems to find out how to deal with dry air in your home efficiently.

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