Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans: Model Guide

Ceiling fans are important in every home, especially in hotter climates like Florida. It circulates the air in any room or the area where it’s installed, maintaining the temperature in both summer and winter. Not only are they more affordable than air conditioners, but they are also much easier to maintain. 

Harbor Breeze is one of the best ceiling fans brands in the USA. They are durable, have better features, and most importantly, affordable. We get it; they are great, but which one should you get? 

Choosing the right product for your home can get confusing, and narrowing it down to the actual model you need gets even more complicated. As an HVAC specialist, I have reviewed many HVAC home appliances, including ceiling fans. I understand what makes a ceiling fan good or bad. In this article, I have included some of the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fans you can choose from. 

Bottom Line Up Front

I recommend the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream, 52″ Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan. Yes, other models are suitable for certain sized rooms; however, the Sail Stream can easily fit into any space you install. It is great for small-sized rooms due to its flush-mount fitting.

At the same time, it works for bigger rooms due to its strength and has a higher top speed. Plus it is very attractive. The sleek design makes it easily fit into any design aesthetics effortlessly. 

Pick At a Glance

Factors To Consider When Buying Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan?

When buying a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan, you have to consider the following factors: 

The fan Size:

Sizing is the most crucial factor when buying a ceiling fan. A fan’s size can either improve or worsen its performance. The two primary ways a ceiling fan is sized are its height from the ceiling and the length of the fab blades/wings.

The most effective ceiling fans are the ones with blades eight feet from the ground and at least a foot away from the ceiling. 

Type Of Ceiling Fan:

Ceiling Fan closeup

When buying, you also have to pay attention to the kind of ceiling fan you need. Some ceiling fans are meant only for indoors and some outdoor. As you can tell from their names, Indoor Ceiling fans work best in indoor areas of the house, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

In contrast, outdoor ceiling fans work better in outdoor areas like backyard sheds. Of course, there are some ceiling fans you can use anywhere, but to ensure better performance, you must buy the correct type of fan. 

The Aesthetic:

If you are a visually cautious person like me, you should also pay attention to the looks and feel of a fan before buying. The design of Harmon Breeze ceiling fans has advanced considerably over the years, allowing you to choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes that matches visual aesthetics.

Light Option:

Ceiling Fan light

Some of the Harmon Breeze Ceiling fans have an option for lights. Depending on your situation, you may find it either helpful or unnecessary. A ceiling fan with light might not work if your home has natural light. 

List Of Top 5 Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Here are the five best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans:

Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel, 44″ Flush Mount, Indoor Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel

The Harmon Breeze Mazon is a 44″ ceiling fan, perfect for a regular-sized room. So, if you are looking for a ceiling fan for a smaller space, then you should consider this one. Also, since it is nickel flush, it will go best with the white color theme, which most people in the United States prefer.


  • Integrated Light Kit: The Harmon Breeze Mazon has an integrated light kit. The light has dim and bright adjustment options. 
  • 18-Watts Power Consumption: With such low power consumption, it will help reduce your electricity bills.
  • Flush-Mounted: Since it’s a flush-mounted ceiling fan, it can easily fit in your room, even if the ceiling is 7 feet higher.
  •  Remote Control: This model comes with a remote. You can switch it on/off and control its speed remotely.
  • Reverse Airflow Feature: This feature allows you to reverse the fan’s direction.

Who should buy?

The Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan is best for cozy regular-sized (3m x 3m) bedrooms. It offers great air circulation, and the integrated light enlightens the entire room. 


  • It consumes less power.
  • It has a responsive remote control system.


  • The top speed of the fan becomes slower after ten years of seasonal use.
  •  Its light is not as brighter as a regular light.


The price of Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan is $134.99 listed on lowes.


I believe this is the best Harmon Breeze ceiling fan for regular-sized (3m x 3m) rooms. 

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream, 52″ Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream, 52

If you are looking for a Harbor Breese ceiling fan for a king-sized bedroom, I advise you to go for the Harbor Breese Sail Stream model. It is bigger, more robust, and comes with a durable integrated light kit. 

Since it is 52″, the Harbor Breese Sail Stream circulates good air through every corner of a bigger room. The integrated light is very bright. And the aesthetics blends easily with a decor theme. 


  • Remote Control Feature: It has an excellent functioning remote control system. You don’t have to point the remote toward the unit to control it. You can access the fan’s power on/off using the remote control, control its speed, and adjust the brightness settings.  
  • Integrated Light Of The Fan: The light helps for efficiency. You can also change the light by installing warm or all-color LED lights.
  • Reverse Airflow System: The reverse airflow system is very useful in winters to move the warm air raised in the ceiling to the floor.
  • Flush-Mounted: This fan also comes with a flush-mounted system, making it easy to install if your ceiling is 7-9 feet high.

Who should buy?

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable Harmon Breeze ceiling fan for king-sized bedrooms and medium-sized living rooms or lounges of 4m x 4m. 


  • Excellent air circulation with minimum noise.
  • It has a beautiful, giant design.
  • Light-dimming feature


  • This fan has low CFM


The price of Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52-in Brushed Nickel is $144, listed on lowes.


The Harmon Breeze Sail Stream ceiling fan will serve you well if you have a bigger room or need a fan for a wider area. 

Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in Bronze LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light (5-Blade)

Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in Bronze LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light

Harbor Breeze Armitage 52″ does not offer automatic features like a remote control but provides excellent performance with good air circulation. Also, it is very easy to install. 

With its five blades, the fan provides airflow up to 2236 CFM and works best in rooms about 400 square ft. With its flush mount feature, you can easily install this fan. 

The Harbor Breeze Armitage 52″ has 3-speed controls, which you can easily control with a pull chain. 


  • Reversible motor: You can reverse the airflow with its reversible motor feature. This is also great for energy efficiency, which saves you from large bills. 
  • Classic design: It has a beautiful classic design that transcends many types of decor.
  • Integrated light system: It also comes with an integrated light system; you can add A15, E26 6.6 Watts light. You can dim and brighten the light. 

Who should buy?

Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in Bronze LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is a good option for an affordable, easy-to-install, classic aesthetic ceiling fan.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t have a remote control. 


Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in Bronze LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan will cost you $59.38 on lowes.


If you are looking for an affordable, durable Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and can live without remote control, this product will work best for you.

Harbor Breeze Saratoga Oil-Rubbed Bronze, 60″ Ceiling Fan With Lights

Harbor Breeze Saratoga Oil-Rubbed Bronze

The Saratoga Oil-rubbed bronze is one of the biggest ceiling fans that Harmon Breeze has ever made. With its size of 60″, it can work best in large-sized rooms above 5m x 5m. It has five blades, allowing gentle air circulation in the room without noise. 

The Saratoga also has a giant 40 watts bowl light, enough to light the entire room. Did I mention reverse airflow and a remote control system? 


  • A15 Candelabra Base: As it has an A15 base, you can change its light with any A-15 candelabra base light.
  • 5-Blades Fan: As a five blades fan, it provides good air circulation without making much noise.
  • It’s Beautiful Design: This fan has a beautiful design that will go well on your large hall decór.
  • Reverse Airflow System: Of course, it also has a reverse airflow system, making it compatible with every season. 
  • 40 Watts Round Bulb: It has a 40 Watts round-shaped bulb that can light up the entire hall and make great air circulation.

Who should buy?

Harmon Breeze Saratoga Oil-rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan is best for those looking for a ceiling fan for larger rooms, yet good looking.


  •  It has a beautiful design.
  • It is weather efficient.


  • Its top speed of it becomes gradually slower after ten years.


The price of Harbor Breeze Saratoga Oil-Rubbed Bronze, 60″ Ceiling Fan With Lights is $239.98 listed on lowes.


I recommend the Harbor Breeze Saratoga to anyone looking for a weather-efficient ceiling fan for large halls that is affordable, durable, and has a beautiful design.

Harbor Breeze Oakham 70-in Bronze LED Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Remote (5-Blade)

Harbor Breeze Oakham 70-in Bronze LED Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Remote

The Harbor Breeze Oakham is this list’s largest Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. It will work best in a large/extra-large space like lounges. It has 5-blades that will make no noise. 

It also comes with a light powerful enough to cover a larger area. You can control the light using the unit’s remote. With a 6-speed DC motor, it has maximum airflow and efficiency. 


  • Durability: This fan is highly durable and will run for years. 
  • 70-in size: With its 70-in size, it is reliably compatible with large and even extra spaces in your home.
  • Light remote: With its light remote feature, you can control the fan’s light and standard fan features. 

Who should buy?

Harbor Breeze Oakham 70-in Bronze LED Indoor Ceiling Fan is best for those with a huge space in their home or place as this fan will gently work in that space, circulating the most air. 


  • 70-in size 
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Good looking 
  • Light remote


  • Difficult to install


Harbor Breeze Oakham 70-in Bronze LED Indoor Ceiling Fan will cost you $239.93 on


This product will work best if you want a large, durable, powerful ceiling fan that can circulate air in large or extra large rooms.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Can We Contact Harbor Breeze?

Answer: You can contact Harbor Breeze through their customer care number (800) 643 0067.

Question: Why is my Harbor Breeze fan not working?

Answer: If your Harbor breeze ceiling fan stops working, the power surge has likely cleared the remote’s memory.  Another common reason is the remote’s batteries. To resolve these issues, you must replace the remote’s batteries and re-sync the remote to the receiver.

Question: What Is The Best Selling Model Of the Harmon Breeze Ceiling Fan?

Answer: Harbor Breeze Mazon, Harbor Breeze Lynstead, and many more are some of the top-selling fans of Harmon Breeze that you can buy online.

Question: How do I know what size light bulb to get?

Answer: Sizing your ceiling fan build is pretty easy. It is based on the bulb’s diameter at its widest point, measured in eighths of an inch.

Question: Do Lowes Own The Harmon Breeze?

Answer: Lowe’s sells only one brand of ceiling fan, Harbor Breeze. Similar to Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze focuses on inexpensive alternatives for ceiling fans. Lowe’s is the only place consumers can buy ceiling fans, but Litex Industries is the manufacturer.


Despite the benefits, every Harmon Breeze ceiling fan model has its downside. To choose the right model, you must first understand what you need from it and why. Sizing is the most common factor you must consider when buying any ceiling. Most times, the size of your room determines which fan you should. 

Some ceiling fans are good for every occasion, like Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52-in Brushed Nickel. It is the best of both worlds. You can use it in small, medium, and slightly larger rooms. So, when in doubt, go for it! However, if you are looking for a fan for a much larger living room or lounge, then I advise you to check out the Harbor Breeze Oakham 70-in Bronze LED Indoor Ceiling Fan. This model offers good air circulation in larger rooms. 

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