How to Find the Best Smart Ceiling Fan

As summer is here, we all begin hunting for the most efficient way to cool our homes. Air conditioners are great, but they need a lot of attention and do no justice to our energy bills. An average fan is not bad either, but most are pretty noisy and do not have wireless/smart controls. 

Walking up to the wall switch each time you adjust your fan’s settings gets tiring. Also, many models are great at saving energy costs. This is why smart ceiling fans are the best option. 

Smart ceiling fans are one of the most valuable innovations in technology. It lets you control your fan via various smart techs such as your smartphone and voice command. Also, most smart ceiling fans come with other unique design features. 

To help you decide which smart ceiling fan to buy, this article lists the best smart ceiling fans in 2022. 

Bottom Line Up Front

When it comes to smart ceiling fans, the Big Ass Haiku L is my best pick. You can control the fan using your smartphone and various voice command devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant. The connectivity is also excellent. The Big Ass Haiku L doesn’t just offer smartness but other thoughtful design features such as noiseless performance, high-speed options, energy efficiency, excellent air movement, and more. And oh, did I also mention how extremely attractive it is?

It does not matter how many nice things the manufacturers say when selling their products. Everything has a downside. It all depends on how much of the flaws you can handle. For the Big Ass Haiku L, I think the price is a little too high. Also, the blades are made of plastic, meaning they’re prone to scratches and dents. They are also much easier to damage, and replacing the blades is not cheap either.

Pick at a Glance

Modern Forms Morpheus III –  You should go for the Morpheus III if you are looking for the best smart fan for both indoors and outdoors.

Hunter Advocate – The Hunter advocate is a perfect choice if you are looking for a more affordable smart fan. 

Big Ass Haiku L –  When it comes to consistency with reliable performance, the big ass Haiku takes the crown.

Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi –  The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi is specifically meant for the indoors. The aesthetics are ideal for a home.

How to Find The Best smart ceiling fan for Your Home

Smart Ceiling Fan

When looking for the best smart ceiling fan for your home, there are a few factors to consider. 

Brands and models

The brand matters a lot when choosing the best smart ceiling fan. If you already have a brand you trust, you can go with them. If you are unsure which brand to go for, this article will guide you.

Some brands have better reputations than others. Once you have chosen the brand, you can go through their products to see which smart ceiling fan you like. 


The first thing to consider when shopping for a smart ceiling fan is where you want to install it. This might seem obvious initially; however, it’s something we tend to overlook. Some fans are made to use only indoors and some for the outdoors. Of course, you can use some fans anywhere; however, these models are less common.  

Knowing where you want to install the fan makes the search much easier. You can ask the dealer or store for the smart ceiling fans suitable for that specific location.


If you are someone who cares more about how your interior design looks, then this part is useful.

Different smart ceiling fans come with several design options, such as colors, finishes, and styles. You can choose the most suitable design depending on your home’s decor. 

Big Ass Haiku L

Wireless control

What is a smart ceiling fan without excellent wireless control? 

When it comes down to the technical features of a smart ceiling fan, the number one thing you need to look out for is the wireless control. Here are some useful questions to look out for: 

  • How many wireless control options does the fan come with? 
  • Is it compatible with your home tech devices? 
  • Can you control it with your mobile phone, and how reliable is the connectivity? 
  • Does it also come with a remote control? 

You must ask these questions before paying for any smart ceiling fan. 

Smart Ceiling Fan Wi Fi

Performance Factors

When searching for a “smart ceiling fan,” you will likely get overwhelmed by wrapping your head around its features. The general performance of the fan is just as important as the smartness. 

The first performance factor you must look out for is noise. This is very important because I don’t imagine anyone wants a smart ceiling fan that makes a lot of noise. A quick side note –  noisy fans are usually caused by unbalanced blades. 

The second performance factor is air circulation. You need to ask and confirm whether or not the fan moves enough air around the space. The air movement of any fan depends on the blades. The motor is responsible for moving the blades. So first, the blades must be balanced and in good shape. Then the motor should be effective enough to supply strength to the blades for maximum performance. 

Energy Efficiency  

The energy efficiency of any fan depends on the conditions of the motor and blades. A fan with good energy efficiency has a strong motor and balanced and properly sized blades. These two components work hand-in-hand. 

If the motor of a fan is not strong enough, it struggles to move the blades through the speed levels and directions. If the motor struggles too much, it will use twice as much electricity as it should. The same also goes for faulty blades. 

The Best Smart Ceiling Fans

Big Ass Haiku L

The first item on this list is the Big Ass smart ceiling fan from the Haiku L series. Haiku has been in the business of creating fans since 1886. They have made tremendous progress in the industry over the years. 

One of Haiku’s best smart ceiling fan models is the Big Ass Haiku L. It includes various thoughtful design features to ensure a positive user experience. This fan provides dependable performance while also being visually appealing. 

The Big Ass Haiku L is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This one should interest you if you want a stylish smart ceiling fan with excellent performance. 

Big Ass Haiku L

How does it look?  

The Big Ass Haiku L is very attractive. To begin, the finish is matte, which gives a sophisticated touch and feel. It comes with aviation-inspired airfoil blades, which are stylishly sculpted. The blades look even better with the LED light ON. 

Whichever part of the house you install, the Big Ass Haiku L will blend in effortlessly while upgrading the interior design. It looks amazing both in a compact or larger space. If you care a lot about how things look, you should check this out.

Energy Efficiency 

The Big ass Haiku L is a high-energy-efficient fan. It comes with a reversible motor which allows the blade to switch direction at any time. This is helpful for energy efficiency. It enables the blades to move air around in different directions very quickly. Since the blade does not work too hard to move air, it uses the least energy. As a result, it saves you money. 

Features and Technology

  • Wireless control (Mobile App) – The Big Ass Haiku L fan has a Wi-Fi module that allows you to control it using the free Haiku smartphone app (iOS and Android). The mobile app offers the best user experience among other products in its category. The connectivity is also very reliable.  
  • Wireless control (Voice Command) – The Big Ass Haiku L is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. You can use them to power on or off your fan without having to move or touch your phone. You can change other settings, such as speed and controlling multiple fans. 
  • Wireless control Remote – The remote control is excellent; however, it is very sensitive. It is the same frequency as TV remotes, so it might interrupt your TV. Aside from that, there are no other problems with it. You can control the fan with the remote control from any part of the room as long as it is pointed towards the fan unit. 
  • Integrated LED light – The Big ass Haiku L also comes with an integrated LED light. Unfortunately, the LED light has only one color, which is warm white. So, it’s not a mood light; it’s more like a spotlight. However, it has 16 brightness settings, so you can increase or decrease the brightness to your liking. 
  • Noiseless performance – The Big ass Haiku L offers a noiseless performance. As the blades are plastic, they are very light and balanced. The fan is entirely noiseless, with no wobbling, and it moves air around the space very easily and quickly.  


  • It is very attractive. 
  • Highly efficient
  • No noise 


  • Made of plastic 
  • Prone to scratches and dents  


The Big Ass Haiku L price ranges from $830 to $950 on Amazon


The Big Ass Haiku L is an attractive fan with excellent wireless control capability. It is not noisy, which normally is a deal-breaker. 

Unfortunately, it does not have the best build quality since it is made of plastic. To make matters worse, it is more expensive than the others. 

If you value aesthetics and great technology, then go for it. 

Morpheus 111

The Morpheus III from Modern Forms is another major competitor for smart ceiling fans. It features varieties of thoughtful technical designs while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. This is an excellent fit for anyone looking for a reliable smart ceiling fan indoors and outdoors. 

Morpheus 111

How does it look?

The overall look of the Morpheus III is very attractive. It blends in effortlessly anywhere you install it, either indoors or outdoors.

As the name implies, the Morpheus III has three blades. They are perfectly sized and curvy. The material is plastic, which adds to the clean and minimalist look. 

The LED light makes the beauty of the fan pop, especially when the blades are spinning.  

The Morpheus III has five different color finishes. They are all unique but equally attractive. You can choose whichever fits your interior design better. 

Energy Efficiency 

The Morpheus III comes with a 6-speed energy-efficient DC motor. 

You want a fan with a strong motor and balanced blades for energy efficiency. When the motor of a fan is not strong, it has to work extra hard to move the blades. When the motor struggles too much, it wastes a lot of energy. This can potentially double your energy bills. 

The blades of the Morpheus III are plastic, so they are very light and easy to move around. The lightweight nature of the blades also contributes to the balance. 

Features and Technology

  • Wireless control (Mobile App) – The Morpheus III is compatible with the Modern Form apps. The Modern Forms’ mobile app offers many features and functions. Once the app is installed on your smartphone, you can fully access all fan functions. You will also be able to control the fan from other parts of the house.
  • Wireless control (Voice Command) – The Morpheus III also offers voice command control. It works well with most smart home technologies such as Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. With the Morpheus, you can adjust the fan speeds and light settings. Like the mobile app, you can control the unit from any part of your home.  
  • Bluetooth wall control – Morpheus III’s Bluetooth wall control offers the basic settings you will need. You can power ON/OFF and adjust the speed and the light brightness. It also provides access to the summer and winter modes. 
  • Wireless control (Remote) – With Morpheus III’s remote control, you have access to all the settings and features of the fan. You can control the fan conveniently if you point the remote toward the unit. It also comes with a wall cradle for hanging the remote. The cradle is very easy to install. 
  • High speed – The high speed of the Morpheus III is one of its outstanding features. It has six different speed levels. It can move a lot of air, even at the lowest speed. Of course, the amount of air it can move depends on the level you set it on. However, the air feels so natural and refreshing that you forget it’s a fan. These fan levels are both compatible with summer and winter modes. 
  • Silent DC motor – The Morpheus III also comes with a silent DC motor. This motor is strong and can carry the blades through any speed level. You will have a nice flow of air, silently.  
  • Optional LED light kit – There is also an option for a LED light kit. It comes in the package with the fan, so you can install or uninstall them whenever you want. The light has a brightness of 1600lm, and the settings range from 0% to 100%. 


  • Visually appealing 
  • Reliable wireless control 
  • Silent motor
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • The blades are plastic.
  • Prone to scratches and dents 


The Morpheus III costs about $584.96 on Amazon.  


The Morpheus III is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smart ceiling fan for indoor and outdoor use. Not only is it beautiful, but its performance ratings are also very high. The price is slightly higher than the other fans on this list, but you get a great quality smart ceiling fan. 

Hunter Advocate

The Hunter Advocate is a combination of soft modern design and cutting-edge technology. Aside from its compatibility with smart technologies, it also features four blades and 6-speed levels, soft LED light, and energy efficiency. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, modern, attractive fan for your home, you should look into this one.

Hunter Advocate

How does it look?

Besides its other exciting features, the hunter advocate is a good-looking fan. Although it comes with four blades, it has a minimalist appearance. Due to the color choices and the finishes, it fits perfectly into any room you install. 

The LED light is covered with white glass, adding an elegant touch to the interior. At night, when the blades are moving, and the light is on, it gives a positive feeling.   

The Hunter Advocate fits flush to the ceiling in areas with low ceilings. It is a perfect fan for the living room, lounge, bedroom, children’s room, or nursery. 

Energy Efficiency

As you know, the energy efficiency of a fan depends on its motor’s reliability. The Hunter Advocate features a reversible DC motor. It can turn the blades in both directions at any time. 

The DC motor produces extremely powerful airflow while remaining silent. This is good for energy efficiency; the motor does not have to work too hard to move the blades. It requires less work to achieve a significant outcome. 

Features and Technology

The Hunter Advocate is an aesthetically pleasing fan that offers thoughtful designs apart from its smart technologies. However, there are a few drawbacks, and we will get into all of them. 

  • Wireless control (Mobile App) – You can control the fan with the hunter’s mobile app. It offers all the settings, including power, speed, lights, etc. For this to work, you must ensure your devices are paired correctly. Remember, your phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi as the fan. 
  • Wireless control (Voice Command ) – The hunter advocate is also compatible with other home tech voice commands such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. You can use either to control your fan from anywhere in your home. You can also control more than one hunter fan with this without issues. 
  • Wireless control (Remote) – The remote also comes in handy in some cases. With it, you can adjust the brightness and speed of the light from anywhere in the room. 
  • Integrated LED light  – The Hunter Advocate also comes with a LED bowl light kit. It has full brightness control and is dimmable. You may adjust the lighting and ambiance to your liking. Since the light is LED, it consumes less electricity, which is excellent for energy efficiency. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Very attractive 
  • Performs silently 
  • Highly energy efficient 
  • Cheaper than other models 


  • Issues with pairing devices


The Hunter Advocate costs about $356 on Amazon. 


The hunter advocate might not be the best on this list; however, it is a tough competitor. The overall performance is excellent. It’s energy-efficient, provides smart control options, and is noiseless. The positive feeling that comes from the looks of this fan creates a dreamy environment which makes it very suitable for sleeping at night. If you have kids, I imagine you value them going to sleep very peacefully; this is the fan for that.  

People complain about pairing the devices; they sometimes don’t connect quickly or easily. Also, the device is sometimes shaky. If you follow the instructions correctly, you should not have a problem pairing the unit with your devices. As for the wobbliness, if you find that your Hunter Advocate is a little shaky, it means something is missing from the installation – either a broken piece or a missing screw. Do not hesitate to contact the vendor or manufacturer to sort any of these issues out. 

Luminance Kathy Ireland ‎Sweep Eco Wi-Fi

The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi is a 60-inch smart ceiling fan with a modern design and high performance. It offers great wireless controls, noiselessness, high energy efficiency, and a sleek design. 

The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi is for indoor use only. If you are looking for a good-looking reliable smart ceiling fan for your bedroom, here you go!

Luminance Kathy Ireland ‎Sweep Eco Wi-Fi

How does it look?

The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi has an exceptionally sleek design. The blades are long, slim, and straight making it look simple and minimal. Its visual design makes it effortlessly blend into any bedroom design. It has an LED light, which makes the fan’s color and finish pop when turned ON. Overall, it gives a general good feeling. 

Energy Efficiency

The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi comes with a DC EcoMotor. This motor is highly energy efficient. It uses about 75% less power than most smart ceiling fan motors. It operates more quietly and effectively to keep you cool during the warmer months.

Features and Technology

When it comes to Wi-Fi wireless control, Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi is compatible with Alexa, Google assistant, and mobile apps. 

  • Wireless control (Voice Command) – The voice command works perfectly with the Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi. Alexa and Google Assistant will have access to power ON/OFF your fan, change speed, and turn on the light. They can also control any other Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi smart ceiling fan in the house. 
  •  Wireless control (Mobile App) – The mobile App offers complete control of the fan. Once you have successfully paired your devices, you will have access to all the settings and functions of the fan. You can power ON/OFF the fan and adjust the speed levels, power, and light. The good thing is you can do all of these from anywhere in your home, even outside. 
  • Wireless control (Remote device) The remote control is not bad either. It offers access to the fan’s speed and light settings. However, you can only use it within the room where you installed the fan. It also has to be pointed towards the fan to work. 
  • Six-speed levels – The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi has six different speed levels. So, you have various precise speed options to match the feel you desire. 
  • Integrated LED lightThe Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi comes with dimmable LED light. The LED light has a shatter-resistant acrylic shade and emits 1500 lumens. When you turn the light on, it emits a warm white glow that creates a peaceful ambiance. The LED light has level options, so you may adjust the brightness to suit your mood. Because the light is LED, it consumes less energy. You do not need to be concerned about your utility costs
  • Air Movement – The airflow of the Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi is excellent. It moves a good amount of air around the room, depending on what setting you have it on. The air feels almost natural.
  • Noiseless performance –  It does not make noise; however, you can hear the sound of the air moving around. 


  • Attractive 
  • High energy efficient 
  • Performs silently
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 


  • The light is not bright 
  • For indoor use only, not suitable for patio 


The Luminance Kathy Ireland sweep eco Wi-Fi price ranges from about $246 to $635, depending on the color finishes you choose. These are the prices on Amazon


Overall, the Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi is a great fan. It is visually satisfying. 

It provides excellent wireless control options. It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. It’s also ideal for sleep as it can move air quickly and silently. Let’s not forget about energy efficiency.

The Luminance Kathy Ireland Sweep Eco Wi-Fi offers a lot for the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can smart fans do?

Answer: With a smart ceiling fan, you do not need to be in the same room as the fan. Wi-Fi-enabled smart fans can be controlled anywhere there is an internet connection. They also work with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Question: Are smart fans worth it?

Answer: Yes, smart ceiling fans are worth it. They provide better air circulation, save energy and money, do not make noise, and are very convenient to use.

Question: How does the remote control fan work?

Answer: The remote control allows you to control your smart ceiling fan instead of the wall switch. For it to work, the remote must be pointed towards the fan, and you have to be in the same room as the fan.

Question: How long does a smart ceiling fan last?

Answer: A smart ceiling fan has the same life expectancy as an average one. With proper care, a smart ceiling fan can last up to about ten years.


Getting a smart ceiling fan for this summer is the best thing you could do for your families, friends, and guests. They come at different sizes, styles, designs, and prices. Depending on how and where you want, you can get a smart ceiling fan that is most suitable for you.

A smart fan allows you to control it using your smartphone or home tech devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They are compatible with mobile apps and voice command techs like Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant. To gain control of the smart fan using these devices, you must pair them with the fan via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

There are various smart ceiling fans in the market today; however, I have picked the top four in this article.

My favorite is the Big Ass Haiku L. It is beautiful, and it offers excellent performance. The only noise you will hear from this fan is the movement of air around your home, which feels very natural. Due to the excellent motor and balanced blades, the Big Ass Haiku saves energy. The only issue you may find with it is the price. If the price is not a problem for you, I’d say go for it!

The cheapest smart ceiling fan on the list is the Hunters Advocate. Even with the price, it is still a strong competitor for the best smart ceiling fans in 2022. It is visually appealing, does not make noise, moves a lot of air, and is energy efficient. The only issue the Hunter Advocate has is the connectivity. Sometimes, It is not very easy to pair with devices or takes a while. If you are thinking of getting this, remember to ask your dealer to assist you with the pairing. You can also contact Hunter’s customer service.

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